Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today is Australia Day, celebrating Captain Arthur Phillip planting the British flag in Sydney Cove on 26 January 1788. Arthur Phillip arrived with eleven ships of convicts and soldiers and started the first European settlement where Sydney now stands. He became Governor of the eastern half of Terra Australis called the colony of New South Wales. Little regard was given to the aboriginal population.

This weekend we were also celebrating the homecoming of Carol and David from London and the imminent birth of Sonya's baby.

Breakfast (muesli and fruit salad) on the balcony with......

....from left to right, Bernie, Bill, Carol and Sonya (David was at his parents house)

Sonya, a happy mother to be. (My baby having a baby)


It is a very hot, long weekend. (35C/95F)


  1. doesn't Sonya look gorgeous. she is indeed glowing. you must be very happy having your kids home, i know i would. sorry it's hot where you are, not too bad here. low 30s i think. have a good one :)

  2. Diane, Very nice :). Great photo of mom-to-be in her colourful dress. Happy Australia Day.

  3. I've said it before - you have a beautiful family and how can that child have picked 2 such wonderful parents? And to have the 2 of you as grandparents? Lucky baby :-)

  4. happy australia day...and soon safe birth of grandbaby!

  5. Happy Birthday to Australia....

    I know you are thrilled to have both daughters close by now. When is the baby due??? Sonya is a beautiful mother-to-be...

    Looks like a hot day in Australia... After our floods, we now have cold and snow flurries. CRAZY!!!

  6. Congratulations on all your celebrations! I think the Australian flag is lovely as is your family. I hope you have many, many good times together!

  7. Happy Australia day;) What a glowingly, beautiful young woman Sonja is. What a lovely occassion celebrated on your patio. (((Hugs))) Jo

  8. Where is the Vegemite on the table? It is an Australian icon? Especially for breakfast with toast!
    Great photos and obviously having a great time with the two daughters.
    Yep, Betsy it is HOT! Please send about 1/2 hour of USA snow to cool us down. Note only 1/2 an hour no more, thank you.


  9. The future mother is a beauty ! What a nice family you have !
    Happy Australian Day (at least you are more descrete than the Americans, lol, where the whole world has to be in trance at the 4th of July)
    It has always intrigued me that a lot of Australians have criminals as ancestors and most of them became honnest people ! That's very interesting. Unfortunately you don't have an apple stealing grandma, lol !

  10. What a nice way to celebrate ... with all the family home year there will be a little one to wave the flag.

  11. Your baby looks like you! Maybe your grandbaby will also take after you. My oldest granddaughter looks like me and I find I am rather pleased.


  12. Happy Australia Day to you, from rainy Southern California. You have a beautiful family...and how exciting that a grandchild is on the way! Enjoy your celebrations!

  13. Saw the Melbourne fireworks when Andy Murray played Rafael Nadal. Boom Bang Beauty! You have a lovely family - enjoy every moment of your time together. Despite the high temperature, Sonya still looks radiant! - if I can't wait to 'see' the baby, how must YOU feel?!!!