Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sonya and Bernie were only here for the weekend from Sydney. While here in Brisbane, Bernie rang his brother, Steve, who lives on the Sunshine Coast. Steve told Bernie that their sister, Margaret, was also on holiday on the coast. So it was arranged that we all go to Mooloolaba Surf Club for lunch the day after our belated Christmas celebrations.

It is a great view from the Surf Club restaurant.

Looking east

Looking north.

Looking south

Enjoying a seafood platter for lunch

It was the first time that Carol and David had met Bernie's brother and sister and their families. From left to right: David, Carol, Nadine, Steve, Lachlan (hiding), James, Margaret,Georgia, Jason, Sonya, Bernie and Bill. Both Bernie and Steve are actors and it was quite interesting watching the people recognising them and asking for photos etc.

After lunch we drove to Point Cartwright and had a walk along the Mooloola River bank. It was very hot and people were cooling off in the water.

The young ones all stopped here for a swim but Bill and I decided it was too hot and set off for home. We said our goodbyes to Sonya and Bernie as they were going directly to the airport to fly back to Sydney.

We passed the marina on the way back to the car (and air conditioning.)


  1. It's disgusting ! I sit here in the cold and grey weather and freeze, while you complain about the heat !

  2. I'm so jealous, Diane, I would be in Mooloolaba.
    and that revolution with two actors at home, with fans asking for autographs, it must be fun.
    Have a nice weekend with your fantastic family.

  3. Oh to imagine Christmas at the beach! Wow would that be?? Fun pictures as usual and your daughters are just beaming!

  4. Such gorgeous shades of blue there! And I love your Australian names....Mooloola for instance. We are having sunny skies here too, but not your summer warmth...yet!

  5. That was a great lunch. We must go there again.

  6. Hi Diane, Sounds like you all had another nice family dinner... Being on the beach in summer is NICE.... We go to the North Carolina beach in May --and I cannot wait. Right now though, we are preparing for a big, bad storm.. I just hope we get snow and not ICE.

    Are you all going to Sidney when the baby comes????? I know you will love being a Grandmother... It's the greatest job in the world.


  7. That place is gorgeous. I would love to get wet there.

  8. Thanks for the taste of summer! I feel like I have gone on vacation. When I feel I really need some sun I'm going to come back and look at these photos. Stay cool!

  9. Yep - great place. Not so grand in the 1980's but was good to go to, then come to think further, I'm not sure if it was there? I think the "Mooloolaba" pub was the location for the surf fraternity??
    I have visited since then and it is a great place to visit and eat, plus the surfing there is wonderful.
    Great photos as usual

  10. What a lovely few posts I have caught up with. So many people in your extended family. It is wonderful, but nice to have the quiet return too.

    I love that photo of one CA feeling the baby bump. We are not at that stage yet.

  11. Diane, I have been catching up on your blog, it's lovely to see you all having a good get together and having a wondering time.
    One daughter resembles you, the other your husband.
    I see you have been blurring the background of one of your photos :)
    Nice beach and certainly a lot more people there than was at Hawley Beach yesterday.

  12. The beach is beautiful, I would love to be walking on that sand right now. The group photo is great, just look at all those smiles.

  13. What a lovely day - your pics say it all :)

  14. We are having grey days, no sun, and cold again. So to look on these photos is wonderful....a place to dream.