Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Blogalk in Brisbane City

Last week caught the train to Central and walked along Ann St to collect a Photobook that I had printed of the photos I took on our Kimberly Top End Holiday. We were very pleased with the book. Then we walked to King George Square, we passed The Palace Hotel......

...with its ornate wrought iron lacework balconies.

Then I spied this lovely old building squashed between the high rise offices. It is the School of Arts. The postman is pushing his cart in front and the little green vehicle is a gum cleaning machine.

A bit further along this beautiful church is dwarfed by more high rise.

.....and another one

...and another one.

The old Treasury building is now a casino.

The Petrie Tableau sculpture in King George Square. Made by Stephen Walker in 1988 for the bicentenary in honour of the early Brisbane settlers. It depicts The Petrie family and aboriginal neighbours in 1842. They are saying good bye to Andrew Petrie who is departing on an expedition to the west. The boy, John, holding the horse became the Mayor of Brisbane.
I found a kangaroo to cuddle.
Bill found a pretty girl to cuddle. She was promoting a beer.


  1. Beautiful buildings Diane, the church in the fourth photo down is gorgeous. I really like the old treasury building and the sculpture. Great photo of you and the kangaroo.

  2. Yes and she never gave me the beer to sample... I'll have to go back!

  3. The buildings are so beautiful and it's amazing how they stand out among the more modern buildings. A gum cleaning machine? Very interesting! The kangaroos are cute and I like the red hat on the young lady! Great photos and blog post! I enjoyed it!!

  4. Beautiful photos Diane! Many of the buildings remind me of ones I've seen in New Orleans, Louisiana here in the states, especially the ones with the wrought iron railings. Very pretty!
    The kangaroo sculpture is fun!

    Rehards, Pat

  5. Brisbane is a beautiful city, Diane. Looks like you --and BILL--had a wonderful day. Glad your album turned out so pretty...

    Brisbane reminds me of Houston--with it's busy and big downtown area with churches all around. I assume that Anglican is the primary religion down there. What other large denominations do you have?

    Thanks for a gorgeous post.

  6. Wow - don't you just love the juxtaposition of the old and new? Beautiful buildings and great artwork! SO, you got a roo and he got a girl? I think I'd like the kangaroo better...heehee :-)

  7. I think now that I have seen the pyramides I have to come to Brisbane, what a beautiful architecture ! I think the Kangaroo and you make a wonderful couple, lol !
    I still enjoy the sunshine and have a lot of fun, sunday we have to fly back into the cold rain !
    Today I am lucky with Internet and can do some visits.
    Hugs from the pharaons !

  8. You and Bill make such a cute couple.

    Thanks for the walk! I Loved it


  9. Thank you, Diane, for finding those beautiful old gems in lovely Brisbane. I think it's a pity they have to be surrounded by the often ugly new buildings.....but I guess that's 'progress'.

    A gum-cleaning machine! Please could you send it to Canberra when it's finished up there?

  10. What great photos. The city looks so clean and wonderful and I just love those kangaroo statues. Very cook.

  11. Oh Bill sure looks like he is NOT enjoying the beer lady (hee, hee). Wonderful pictures, and such beautiful architectural shots. Love it!

  12. Thanks for a tour 'round Brissy.
    And for the info about the statue.

    I have only been in Brisbane a couple of times, and not recently.