Brisbane, QLD

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Blogalk in Springwood Conservation Park

Come for another walk with me. Springwood is the next suburb to Daisy Hill. It takes about 20 mins to walk there, then we enter the park and walk another 20 mins home. Its a circuit walk. It has been left in its natural state except for the pathways and steps.

Let's go!

We walked up hill to get here so now it is mostly down hill from now on....easy peasy.

Over the little bridge.

There is not a drop of water under the bridge, we haven't had rain for months.

Climb a little rise and wow........

...we can see all over Logan City (adjoins Brisbane City) all the way south to Tamborine Mountains and even further to Lamington Mountains.

Now it is a tumble down hill, its fun and pretty

Look back at the typical Australian scrubby bushland or dry Eucalyptus forest before....

...crossing over the road and entering......

....suburbia again. Hope you enjoyed this blogalk. Next post we will have a closer look at the flora in the park.


  1. What a nice place to walk. I love the photos from along the trail.

  2. I'm sitting here thinking....No rain and still all that greenery? We haven't had a really good rain since last Christmas and does the desert ever look it. Even the cactus look like they have their tongue hanging out. Beautiful park though.

  3. A beautiful walk, Diane. Sorry about the rain though. We had weeks without any during our summer but we're making up for it now!

  4. I can smell all that fresh air now....It looks beautiful Diane...

    Off the subject Home an Away certainly ended with a twist...HUGO what have you done??

  5. How good is that retaining the bushland within the city...

  6. I love the bush, it brings back so many memories. At the moment I am a bit handicapped with walking to far. Many years ago I had an accident. My left leg was damaged and now I can feel it again in a bad way. I have an MRI on Monday to determine what needs to be done to get my complete mobility back, I hope. In the meantime I enjoy very much your photos of this beautiful bush walk. Thanks Diane.
    The photos are from the desert out of Coober Pedy.

  7. What a beautiful place, I wonder if it smells good in there ! I love the smell of wood !

  8. I may have said it before but your photos are the next best thing to being there. Fantastic walk you took us on Diane and outstanding photos. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about your seagull post. I enjoyed it very much and I left a comment under that post too.

  9. Hi Diane! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.
    It seems to be a very long walk; I'll need to work out to make it... ;))

    Have a great weekend!!

  10. I love your blogwalks, I always enjoy them. The forest is beautiful and the view from the hill is truly amazing.

  11. How interesting to see your part of the world, your everyday views.