Brisbane, QLD

Friday, November 13, 2009


I have invented a new word: "blogalking". Now I have to think of a definition...mmmm... It means blog walking, like when you follow someone on a walk on their blog....mmmm... or....A virtual walk in blogland. Anyway I'm going to take you on a walk through Daisy Hill Conservation Park.

We walk along the ring road for a while then.....

....take one of the many walking tracks.

Stop to admire the plants (I think this might be an imported one that has become a weed.)

As we enter the picnic area we bump into some wallabies having breakfast.

This one has a Joey in her pouch.

Many people like getting married in the forest and they hire this bush chapel with its rows of log seats.

Then back out onto the ring road to the exit, but before that, admire........

...the morning sun shining through the wattle seed pods. Then walk home for breakfast.


  1. Thank you for a lovely walk through an enchanting forest.

  2. Hi Diane, I like your new word - yes I do a lot of blogalking. Either going on a walk to take photos to put on my blog or walking with my mouse through other peoples wonderful blogs. I thoroughly enjoyed blogalking through the Daisy Hill Conservation Park. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I really like seeing all the different flora and fauna of Australia - soooo different from Ontario, Canada!

  4. Awwwwwwwww......I want a wallabie. Love the forest. Isn't nature wonderful??

  5. Well I loved my walk. The place where couples can get married is just great. Wallabies are so cute. Are they skiddish or curious.

    I will be ready for our next walk.

  6. What a wonderful walk. I could never have such a walk any other way. Thank you for taking us along and showing us the wonderful flora and fauna along the path.

  7. How beautiful. I sure enjoyed my blogalk. Thanks. I want to play with the Joey though.

  8. I agree with Callie, that is an enchanting forest, quite magical in fact. I can't think of a more perfect place to get married too. Those plants are wonderful, especially the first one with the splash of red, and the wallabies? Adorable! Great walk Diane, beautiful shots, best next thing to being there. Have a great weekend.

  9. Someday I want to come to your part of the world and walk where you have taken me. It's like being in a fairy world full of strange and beautiful things. Sigh!

    Thank you so much for the walk...I really did enjoy it!


  10. Hi,
    Wonderful place, great photo's too.

  11. Loved going with you on your Blogalk, Diane. The hike was gorgeous. Neat place for a wedding in the woods, for sure!!!! The Wallabies are cuties---and I did notice that Joey.

    Thanks for the HIKE.

  12. blogalking .. I like that word and I enjoyed this walk a lot.

  13. I love new words and 'blogalking' is the best one I have heard in a long time. The next time I'm out taking photos for the blog that word will be on my mind.

    I really enjoyed my 'blogalk' with you through these beautiful woods. Your photos are gorgeous Diane, it is almost like being there. The wallabies are so cute.


  14. just gorgeous. i'd love to get married there. so spiritual.

  15. What a wonderful "blauk!" It's a beautiful place.

  16. Diane - I just keep coming back to see this post. It is so beautiful. I love the beauty and the cute wallabies. Your photography is simply gorgeous.

    What type of camera are you using again? I know you mentioned before, but I forgot.

  17. Hi Diane - Thanks for the heads up about the problem with my Blogger website. I have removed that one entirely as I am using the Wordpress URLs for the and now.

  18. A very nice nature walk. Beautiful and cool in the morning, you really have earned your breakfast!
    (Bronze of a stockman, Hall of Fame. Longreach.)