Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keeping in Touch with Teaching

Although I retired from teaching after 33 years, I still get offered short contracts at my old school. I rather enjoy these short times back in the workforce to keep me on my toes and the old grey matter ticking over, not to mention the extra money to go towards our travel fund. A few weeks ago I was asked to replace the teacher helping kids with difficulties, while she was away. It was interesting to see the changes since my last visit in April.
The hit up wall has gone from this concrete pad as it might fall down and squash someone, but the netball, basketball and tennis court is still there. The grounds are still looking nice.

This playground is still here.

Wow, and new play equipment and artificial grass has been installed between the buildings.

A brand new hall and offices are being constructed.Many schools got new buildings this year as part of the government's plan to give the economy a boost and provide jobs. It seems to have worked as we are on the way out of the slump and we never fell into recession as deep as other countries, thank goodness.

On the last day at school I had finished all my jobs half an hour before the bell. I went into a Year 2 class to see if they needed any help. I helped them make a Chinese lantern. When the children had finished they could choose a free choice activity for the last few minutes of the day.

I was fascinated with this group of girls using the new interactive white boards. We never had them when I was teaching full time. The teachers had to do an inservice course to learn how to operate them. The kids were having fun with an educational game.

This group opted to model with play dough or construct with Lego.

Some used the computers.

Sadly no one chose to read. However, many of them are still learning English.


  1. Diane this Post says a lot about you. Congratulations! To be offered spots, even now, tells me that you are held in high regard.

  2. Interesting the changes that have occurred directly as a result of the Stimulus Package. What years did you teach when you were full-time?

    I trained as a primary teacher in '66-68 and joined the NSW Department in 1969 as a Primary teacher. However, I did not last long and left in 1974 to become a computer programmer.

    Later I did a degree in Early Childhood education and ran a Childcare centre for a few years. I retired last week after working in admin in a high school and spending the last 4 years involved with research support in a university. So education from beginning to end, you might say.

  3. Your are a wonderful dedicated teacher. You should be very proud of yourself.

  4. Diane...I just looked back at everything you have posted recently. Nice to see your daughters and read about them. The bird shots were great and I loved the tomato story. I retired from teaching in 2000 and have no desire to go back...too busy and I love my freedom. Thanks for visiting my Journal.

  5. How nice you can come back occasionally and keep up with the new techniques and see kids learning again. I was talking with someone yesterday who is 70 and still working. He mentioned how some people his age are losing their faculties. He said it is like they are mentally short. No exercise for the mind or body. I want to retire but know I have to work some forever. In the end this is probably a good thing. Happy that you have such a wonderful opportunity.

  6. I don't know how you had time to take photographs on what was, I'm sure, a very busy day. I bet you were tired at the end of it and happy to put your feet up. But what a stimulating day it must have been.

  7. I'm glad you're able to do short-term work at your school on occasion. The school looks very nice and I'm impressed with the technology that is available to your students.

  8. Thank you for giving me a view of teaching in your area. I have not yet seen the interactive whiteboards here, but maybe that is because I have been teaching upper level for a number of years. Very fascinating!

  9. WOW! An enteractive white board! I haven't seen one of those yet.

    I do believe that reading for the fun of it takes a huge backseat to all technology. Sigh!

    Double sigh!


  10. I used to be a teacher also, Diane---but haven't done it in a number of years. It is great to keep our minds strong though.

    Looks like the kids are wearing 'uniforms'.... Why the headscarf??? Particular religion????

    Our crazy government has given money to every Tom/Dick/Harry in the country in order to stimulate us--but it is NOT working. Gads--what a mess we are in!!!!

    Glad you got to go back and teach. I can't get over all of the 'fancy' stuff schools have now...

  11. I can only imagine what an incredible teacher you are. These children are so lucky to have you return and be a part of their lives.

  12. School looks like it is a lot more fun and interesting than it was when I was a child. When I finished a task early I always chose to go to the class bookshelves and picked a book and read! I still love reading.

  13. Good to see the old school, quite a lot of changes. When I come back I will have to go for a visit to have a look. It will be good to show the people here, they are always asking what our schools look like.

  14. I am totally intrigued by the interactive white boards, what an amazing teaching tool. It is good to hear that your government has funded school improvements.