Brisbane, QLD

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


In 2001 Carol-Ann and David decided to go to London to get more experience in their professions, so it was with sadness but goodwill we said our goodbyes.
Carol soon got a good job as an interior designer and was even given a car by the company. Things were going well for her. After a few years they came home for a while but soon London was calling again. David had won a job with the BBC as resident composer.

So in 2005 we said goodbye again.

They had fallen in love with London. The parks and ......

...fine dining.

They both worked hard and enjoyed hopping over to the continent now and then for holidays.


Italy and many other countries. Carol was sent by the company to do jobs in Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Ireland, USA, and Dubai. They came home last Christmas for a holiday but it wasn't long before we were saying goodbye again.

David was composing music for TV productions and Carol was senior interior designer and an Associate Director of the company now, so we understood why they wanted to return to London.

They loved England and.....

The Good News is that they are homesick and due to the recession, now depression, in the UK their jobs are not as exciting as they were so they have resigned and they have bought one way tickets home. (I hope they can find work here and stay for ever and ever)


  1. How wonderful that they have had all the opportunities to travel and see the world! And, how wonderful that they know where "home" is! I am happy for you and hope the recession doesn't wound them too much :-)

  2. Wow Diane, you have beautiful daughters.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Hi Diane, That's alot of great news for you all this. First a new grandbaby on the way (from your Sydney kids) and now your London kids moving back home. Life is good--I can 'feel' your happiness all the way to Tennessee...

  4. HURRAY! We're coming home!!! Back to the sunshine, the sea, and the family!

    It's been 9 years since we first left Brisbane in Feb 2001. We've had the most amazing decade! We've seen so much and made great friends. But now it's time to come on home and enjoy being Australians again.

    10 weeks to go!
    Carol & David

  5. There's no place like home and Mom and Dad. Hope they find good jobs and stay too! Great photo essay.

  6. Your head(s) must be spinning with pleasure and excitement. How wonderful to have them all back on the one continent again! And how good for the sisters to be within reach at of each other at this special time.

    You had me drooling yesterday and today with all your images of far-away (continental) places.

    Hug yourselves with joy, Diane & Bill.

  7. A beautiful pictorial journey thank you for sharing Diane...and congratulations on such wonderful news for you....


    lizzie b.

  8. I can understand both of them I felt in love with London too ! My son worked there for 10 years before he was muted to Amsterdam (still with the same company) I recognize "Beachy Head" on the picture with the white chalk rocks (at least it looks like) You must be happy that they are coming home for now. You have a very nice family !

  9. Oh how fantastic for you Diane, I'm sure you are absolutely chuffed!

  10. Good heavens!
    This will be ONE week you'll remember for a long time. All great news for you and BB.
    "Yellow Mellow"

  11. It's always wonderful to have children move closer to home.

  12. Hi Diane! I can understand the feeling of getting back to the sun, the sea and the family; but down under is too far away... ;)). Well, you all we'll be happy and that's great!!

    Meanwhile Blogtrotter is showing you an incredible sea symphony of colours. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  13. You must be so proud of your girls (and their guys too). But then with such incredible people for parents, why am I not surprised? They have to be wonderful and smart with you and Bill for parents.

    I know you will love having them back home. Congratulations. I was so excited when one of mine moved back to Memphis.

  14. For a short while we had all four of our children and their families here. Then Evan left for New York we are down one.

    Good for you! Having your kids close by is a wonderful gift!


  15. Wonderful News Diane, and a lovely dedication to them....Kim

  16. So much excitement in such a short period of time you must be so happy. Having your family together and a new baby on the way, it just can't get much better than that.

  17. Your life sounds so busy and exciting. Isn't it wonderful when news is good?
    Sunny :)