Brisbane, QLD

Monday, November 9, 2009


(If you are unfamiliar with our Birthday Bear tradition read about it HERE.)
Yesterday it was Ann's birthday and Helen and Paul's turn to dress Birthday Bear. Ann and George have been recently on a holiday on the Gold Coast. They were in a high rise apartment and could watch the whales from their balcony, migrating north to the warmer water for the breeding season.

So Birthday Bear came to the birthday lunch in her seaside gear and binoculars for whale watching. She had her mobile phone, camera and a curled up sun hat just like Ann's. The whales were frolicking in the sea too.
Ann was happy to see her bear. She said how much fun it is when you know its your turn for Birthday Bear and you are wondering how it will be dressed.
The birthday lunch was at the Gem Hotel at Jacob's Well. We all had a big roast lunch except Bill who had a delicious Barramundi grilled fish with lemon sauce.

On the way home we called into the Prawn Farm for some ultra fresh prawns.

They are grown nearby on the Logan River (This is a photo of a photo)

Birthday Bear checked out what was for sale in the little kiosk. Besides prawns there were..

..pumpkins and...

Kitch figurines made out of beer cans. The sales assistant asked us if we had a sense of humour and proceded to lift up the figurine's shirt to show us it was in fact a male (if you are easily offended please don't scroll any further and hopefully no children are looking over your shoulder.)

Birthday Bear! What are you looking at?


  1. What a terrific idea to bind a group together! My group of friends has just taken a decision to go out to dinner together instead of giving each other a present for Christmas. I think this is a wonderful way to share friendship.

    What I need to know, though, is how the beer cans were decorated to indicate a female?

  2. I love the idea of Birthday Bear, I can't help but smile when I see her. I love the outfit and it is perfect for your outing. The beer can figures are so funny. It looks like everyone, including BB, had a great time.

  3. Go on, Diane... explain to Julie how the female beer can was decorated....

  4. I LOVE the whale-tails! And Birthday Bear looks great - what a super-fun thing to do with your friends :-) And the recepient loos pleased as well - so Happy Birthday to her ..
    The beer cans? Ah, well, WAY funny!

  5. I think the birthday bear is such a cute idea. What a fun time!
    Sunny :)

  6. I've talked about this before, Diane, but I love the idea that the 8 of you celebrate birthdays like you do. That is just so neat. Birthday Bear is the LUCKY one---who gets to have birthday cake and special dinners at least EIGHT times a year. Wow--how 'bout that?????? Love it!!! (Can I come and be your 'Birthday Bear'?????)

  7. Oh Diane what a hoot those beer cans are. Wonderful post and always enjoy hearing about Birthday Bear. Great post!

  8. Birthday Bear is a terrific tradition. And what fun to dress BB up. Much better than gift giving. You all look so happy!

  9. Birthday Bear looks so cute, and the food too. Can I be Birthday Bear for a while? You can dress me up any way you want to.

  10. Birthday Bear is very cute ! Now I am in the same climate as you ! We have 30°C, wonderful sea, palmtrees and enjoy the sunshine. We have the same flat as last year and even met some people from last year. Internet today is quite good
    Hugs from Egypt !
    I'll post pictures when I can

  11. Birthday bear looks very chic in her summery outfit. Whale watching is great, I was once at Hervey Bay, It was fantastic to see the huge mammals dive and play with the people on board.
    It looks like you had a nice lunch with birthday bear and friends.

  12. I thought it was time I came over to say hi. I always crack up at your comments to Colleen (mainstreet memories) I felt your pain

  13. How fun ;-)
    Thanks for dropping by my Watery Wednesday at HRG. In answer to your question, I use Photoshop Elements 6 to create my mosaics. In THIS one I was playing around with different possibilities I'd never explored before.
    Hugs and blessings,