Brisbane, QLD

Friday, December 5, 2008

Visitors to an Australian Garden (for Sassy)

This morning this cheeky butcher jumped onto the table and stole a strawberry out of my muesli when I wasn't looking. A strawberry for heavens sake he is supposed to eat insects not fruit.

Later in the morning he went for a swim in the pond. Lucky for me he decided to have another dip after i got the camera. This one isn't shy.

He's checking there are no enemies about.......

....then jumps into the shallow pool, and one last check that he is safe........

...and then a flutter under the water.

I also heard a screeching coming from the trees and the Lorikeet parrots had come for a visit.

Some of you will have seen the following pics on my other blog but Sassy wanted to see more of my garden so here are some other critters that have visited in the past.A wallaby visits and munches his way through my plants........

....and even sits right on top of them.

Hopping across the path.
Looking for something to munch on.



Water dragon

And the most cutest. They usually are too high in the trees to photograph but this one was sick and then they come down near the ground. We rang the animal hospital and they came and took her away to treat.


  1. I LOVED these pictures. Boy if we only had those beautiful birds here. We have a lot of ... buzzards. They are NOT in the pretty category. And I want a wallabe hopping through my yard.

  2. What beauty you are surrounded by!:)

    Such a blessing!

    Happy Holidays!
    God Bless,

  3. So So SOOOO jealous!!!! How wondeful!! I can not imagin a more perfect heaven than a beautiful garden full of creatures!

    We live in a new neighborhood and I am trying my hardest to attract critters..the pond helps some, but we have to wait for the trees to get bigger for them to feel safe. This is desert land so our animals are to see yours!

  4. Diane's Zoo!

    We have plain black butchers up here, although the brown teenage ones (the extra cheeky ones) are taking their own time to change.

    No Maggies or ravens either - I do miss them.

    Is Fat Butt looking fatter, on all those garden delicacies?

  5. Thanks for the pics!!! I am sooo jelous! I can not imagin a more perfect heaven than a beautiful garden full of critters

  6. You certainly have a wide variety at your place Diane....I love magpies, because they are just that, so cheeky....Except of course when it`s mating season and it`s duck for cover....Nasty little so and so`

  7. Diane these are amazing pics. I am just beginning to get some here although they are nowhere near yours.

    We are just establishing our garden so it will take a little while.

    Love them!

  8. Oh my gosh Diane, I want to bring my Memphis Mob and come live with you. I would be in Heaven for sure. I can see my chihuahua getting kicked when she tried to boss one of those kangaroos.

  9. Morning Diane, I am not sure why my comment on the magnificence of your pictures was lost in cyber space.

    Truly beautiful...

  10. Oops! Sorry Diane. Still got my L's on this site...

  11. Love the pictures! It's so amazing to me to see critters romping around someone's garden that I would never have to chance to see otherwise. This is why I love blogging!! :)

  12. Lovely animals...yours is certainly a leafy area

  13. Thanks everyone for your comments.
    sassy It has taken 20 years to establish my garden and I'm still working on it. I'm sure yours will be beautiful in a few years.

    Don't worry Chez I'm just so glad you are here.

  14. Oh, I do love your photos! The various birds photos are amazing and I'm still trying to wrap my head around the concept that you have koalas and wallabies in your garden! I get lynx and eagle and (rarely)cougar. even once a bear. But no wallabies, lorakeets, koala or water dragons (whatever they are!). Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Wow Diane, your photos are lovely! I hope the littel kuala is going to be alright. BTW are sea cows like hippos?

  16. I tried to comment twice but, for some reason it would not now I am trying another way. The pictures are beautiful. Did you take them? I love all the colors and contrasts:) You have been tagged on my blog so go over and take a look.

  17. well, thank you for that example of a wallaby. I have been wondering what they were.