Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Thursday, December 18, 2008


The drought that we had for a few years has broken and we are back to our usual sub-tropical climate, which usually means we have hot humid days followed by a rowdy storm.

A few days ago I was sitting on our balcony when........

............I saw these storm clouds looming.

It's a pity our council can't put electricity wires underground.

OOOH! Its getting closer. There was thunder and lightning followed by a heavy down pour. Unfortunately my pics didn't turn out so I have borrowed some from other sites.

photo by Phil Box

Storm brewing over Brisbane City. Photo by "Burning Image"

Storm on the Gold Coast. Photo by Alex Carter


  1. Great pics Diane. Cannot believe your new camera is not taking the 'perfect' shots for you.
    I love the storms. We had 2 inches of rain in 30 minutes last week. Filled the tanks.
    You are in a great location there...

  2. Wow those photos are amazing, do you get to see those kinds of storms?

    I think I would like it there.

  3. Whoa! Those are some nasty electrical storms you get! We are getting snow right now, which I like when it falls in the mountains, but hate when it falls in town. Everything will be a TOTAL mess here today as we got more overnight....bah humbug!

  4. WOW! Great pics!! I clicked on yours and it enlarged maybe it just does it on it's own. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures!!!!!

  5. Beautiful shots. I love storms. Even we have had some 'winter' during the past week. Crazy clouds and lots of rain. I love it but the people here for the winter and the golfers are having fits over it. Too bad. We need the moisture.

  6. Yes Dianne we see a lot of storms especially this summer.

  7. Although bad lightning storms frighten me somewhat, I do love the color of the sky. It is so beautiful.

  8. Great your balcony
    lizzie B.

  9. Glad the drought has broken. It's hard to take decent photos in gloomy storm weather, unless you have all the good gear and the patience to get those spectacular lightning shots. Storm chasers are fanatical here, especially on the wharf where we get some freaky lightning bolts hitting the huge spotlight poles along the wharf.

    It's been raining non-stop here for the past 5 days, very soggy. The good news is the Bloke has been sent back to town as he was out at sea exactly where cyclone Billy formed. But he'll have to go again in a day or so.

    Thanks for visiting YouTube and the blog. We actually aren't fishing at present (price of fuel slowly killed us). The Bloke is driving a support boat for a big gas pipeline being laid between Timor and Darwin.