Brisbane, QLD

Monday, December 15, 2008

Birthday Bear Masquerades as Santa Claus

The Birthday Group decided to have a Christmas Lunch at Springwood Hotel.

There was me, Ann, Kathy, Mary, George,Helen, Bill and Paul. Guess who else was there.........
....Birthday Bear! Oh no its Santa! Ho, ho, ho. Ann did a fabulous job of dressing him up for the occasion

And there is Rudolph pulling his sleigh.

There he is at the head of the table. By the way the meals were good and the service excellent and the price all right.


  1. Diane, that Bear sure does get around! "Pub Grub" is good stuff I'm fast finding out up here. Taverns put on HUGE meals for about $12.50, and finishing them is almost impossible. That's a bad thing, as deserts are hard to squeeze in!

    Merry christmas to all!



  2. Looks like fun! You know that I love the bear. So cute!
    I also liked your Christmas decorating pictures in your previous post. How tall are your ceilings? My hands and feet got all clammy seeing you up on that ladder. LOL!:)
    Have a lovely day, Diane!
    God Bless,

  3. Evening Diane
    Birthday Bear certainly does get around. Ann is very clever with the outfit.
    Love the idea of the group getting together to share the special occasions.
    Is the house now decorated and ready for Christmas?
    Still learning and thanks for your input. LOL

  4. I`m still jealous of birthday
    Poor Rudolph, look at the size of him compared to the

  5. Oh my, Birthday Bear is looking so stylish in his Snata garb, I hope her has time to deliver all the prezzies with all that socialising.