Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, December 13, 2008


We have had a crazy week. Firstly my camera started to vibrate like mad when I turned it on. So we took it to the repair shop, luckily it was still under extended warranty. Next thing our computers started playing up. Mine is still not right but hopefully I can get this post done.
After a few days we got a call from the warranty people telling us the camera would cost more to fix than to give us a new one. Not long after the postman came with.........

.........this parcel, which I excitedly ripped open to check out my new camera. It is the same type as I had before but a newer model. A Sony Cyber-Shot. So look out I can blog again another day, as long as the computer gets better. Bill came out of my study and said, "A bomb has gone off in your room!"..............
........No its just Crazy Christmas time and I've been wrapping presents to put under the ...........
..........Christmas Tree, which is only a wee tiny one because we downsized when we were on our own for a few Christmases, while our girls were away. But this year they are both coming home for Christmas. Whoo hoo! So we had better.........
........put up the decorations. This is difficult when you don't have a ceiling, so we get out the tall ladder and I try to pin them into the roof, while Bill is resting his sore neck, but I don't like it up the ladder, I feel like I'm going to falllllllllllll.............
.........So the man comes to the rescue.........
........and up go the decorations....
.........that'll have to do........
Maybe I could add a few court jesters around the house.....

Welcome upstairs!


  1. Hey...that's what my camera is...Sony Cyber Shot. I like it. A little too technical for my little brain but I've enjoyed it. And your tree is much taller than mine. I don't have one up. Seems so silly for only one person. But I mostly love the court jesters. They're perfect. Have fun with the camera.

  2. Why is it that all the important things we can`t live without happen to break down at
    Glad to see you have your replacement camera though...
    Well it looks like you are organized with your decorations going up and the tree decorated with pressies under there....
    i`m like you, I don`t like ladders at all...Men do come in handy for some
    It`s lovely to have family home for Christmas, i think it makes it that more special...

  3. Hello again! Good to have you back. You are definately far more in the decorating spirit than I am. Also, I wouldn't be caught dead on a ladder like that, because I WOULD fall. :)

  4. Diane, seems I have to leave a Comment as Anon otherwise it will not go through.
    Love you current Post and know that Christmas in your home will be a very special time.
    Glad your camera was replaced under Extended Warranty. I recently decided to venture into the world of digital photography and bought myself a Sony Cyber Shot. Love it, alothough I have a lot to learn...
    Will do another Comment as I am looking for help. Thanks so much.
    Now it says my URL contains illegal characters

  5. Diane so glad you are there!
    I have edited some of my Posts only to find that when I now go to Publish there is no writing only lines. Consequently I have lots of Post saved as Drafts and have no idea what to do. Have you any ideas?
    Also would like to have a simple Template or Skin such as you have. Different colour. Are you able to tell me how to go about it.
    As you can see from the previous Comment I have to go anon as it says there are illegal characters in my URL.
    I thought this was going to be easy..
    Thank you so much Chez

  6. Hi,
    Wow what fabulous christmas decorating that is going on. We have down sized as well this year.
    If I dont get back to the computer again this year,
    Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2009.
    Hugs and rainbows

  7. I only have a $99 Samsung camera pink but I like it and it takes a good photo.

    Everyone has a bigger tree then me this year as I have none no where to put one.

  8. Hi Diane. I am really peeed off as an expensive digital video camera we bought last year stuffed up just days within its warranty period, but because the Bloke was at sea I couldn't get it back to the shop until after the warranty had finished. They wouldn't accept my argument "just look at the date on the last movie taken and you can see it stopped working within the warranty period." No go. Not fair!

    Your house looks like mine with lots of wood panelling and exposed rafters. Great until you need to get up there and do something!

  9. Tazar
    What a blow, not accepting the "at sea" reason for being out of warranty.I was lucky we had an extended warranty, but that cost nearly as much as a new camera.

  10. I am loving all the timber in your home Diane -very rare in these days of plaster and concrete.

    Electronics have done my head in this week as well. The modem is just refusing to stay on for extended periods of time.

    We have no tree either - left behind in the Perth shed.

    You are very brave with that high ceiling - getting on a chair scares the bejeebies out of me!



  11. Love your Christmas decorating in pictures. Be careful on that ladder- my husband, only retired a coupld of months fell off a ladder and spent the first six mos of retirment nursing a torn achilles(sp?) tendon after surgery to repair it. Have fun, Be careful! citures

  12. Looks great! But you'd never catch me up on top of that ladder!!! :)

  13. Oh I love how festive you have made the place look, I hope you have a wonderful christmas.

  14. Oh, Diane! Your house looks so festive! And aren't you lucky to have your girls coming home for Christmas. I am envious.