Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Last Tuesday our daughter, Carol-Ann and son in law, David arrived from London, where they live. They are here for a 10 week's holiday.

Dad is happy Mum is happy
When we arrived home our other daughter, Sonya and son in law, Bernie had arrived. They have been on a camper van holiday stopping at beaches on the way from Melbourne to here.
The sisters are happy to see each other again.
We have our first lunch together for a long time.
Then, for dinner, we took them to their favourite Chinese Restaurant. Kam Koon.
Bernie and Sonya
San Choy Bow
steamed fish with ginger
rainbow steak in a bird's nestcrispy, spicy king prawns
prawns in a creamy sauce
vegetables and noodles.
A great meal and great company. What a start to Christmas.


  1. Diane you have a beautiful family and you all look so happy....
    What a banquet, it looks so delicious it`s making me feel hungry for

  2. What a great holiday for you and your family. Ten weeks. That's better yet. I think that's what could be called "the best Christmas ever'. Have fun. Hi to your daughters.

  3. Thats great you must miss her with her living in London but at least you have her here for a while.

    I bet you will enjoy her holiday here as much if not more then she will.

  4. Thanks for the comments. Have you seen the time on the comments?? USA time maybe??

  5. Morning Diane
    It is now 6.18am and I could 'tuck' in to that Chinese myself. A real treat!
    And of course there are the amazing pics with the new camera. You have certainly mastered it! Do you mainly use auto settings?
    I am thrilled that you have had the family together for Christmas. Somehow I feel that is what it is all about and I know I miss my own family at this time.
    My son and future daughter-in-law both work in industries that require their services over the Christmas and Easter periods.
    Great pics of the very happy family. I am so happy for you.

  6. MMM... the Chinese food looked wonderful. Except for the fishy things of course. Not a fan of those :)

  7. Thank you Chez for those kind words and yes i mainly use automatic setting but i did use the "smile" setting in the restaurant.

    Brian the fishy things are the best!

  8. Hey, I've fixed the time thingy. I'm learning!