Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, December 20, 2008


When we go for our morning walk through the forest, I always marvel at the variety of colours and patterns in the bark of the trees.

From a distance they just look like ordinary gum trees (eucalyptus)

A little closer you can see green ones and........

....white ones and...... ones and..... ones and..... ones and....

....brown and green ones and.....

....cream ones.... (melaleuca paper bark)

....brown and white ones and...

...blood stained ones ....

...and freckled ones and....

...dimpled ones and....

...spotted ones and...

...... brown and orange flakey ones and....

..more and more and.....

...more different kinds of bark art.


  1. Well I like the bark art, it's so diverse, I hadn't considered how different barks could be.

    The spotty one could also be known as camo bark, HA HA HA HA HA.

  2. what fantastic textures and colours are all around us and so few of us take the time to notice. great storm pics on the post below too. i envy you having a forest to walk through

  3. That is a lot of types of bark.
    I have never seen the blood stained bark like that. What kind of tree is that?

    Merry Christmas, Diane!
    God Bless,

  4. Amy it is an Eucalyptus Tree, weeping sap from a scar.

  5. Diane, I love the pics and, must admit, that the weeping sap brought with it memories of the gum tree that was hit in Jeremy's accident.
    The sap continued to pour from its wounds as it endeavoured to heal after the bark was torn from it.
    Thanks for this! Timing is perfect as I know the tree was to be removed during the week.
    Are you ready for Christmas?
    Best wishes if I do not get back to your beforehand..

  6. Amazing variations. You have a great eye and take wonderful photos. It's much like going on a walk with you! (I wish I could....)

  7. So interesting, Diane. Thanks for sharing this... I have never seen these trees before. I've heard of Eucalyptus--but not sure I've ever seen them. How interesting!!!!


  8. Diane, thanks for linking me here. An entire post on bark! :-) What a great topic! Your photos are lovely and of great variety. The freckled and spotted ones in particular remind me of sycamore of my very favorites tree types. Thanks, again.