Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, December 30, 2012


On the second day of our Swiss visitors stay with us we took them to Brisbane City. We parked at South Bank Parklands and walked through the park to catch a ferry called the "City Cat" and we went for a ride on a City Cat up and down the Brisbane River. So join us for a quick tour of a little part of Brisbane.
A "City Cat"

 Boys out for some fun on the river.

 We passed the "Riverside  Centre". When we returned after an hour's trip towards the the bay we stopped here for lunch.

 The Story Bridge sort of Brisbane's icon.

 The historic old "Custom's House" building overshadowed by tower blocks.

 After lunch beside the river, we walked back through the Queen St Mall towards the Victoria Bridge and the Parklands.

 We went into an arcade for the visitors to buy sun cream and insect spray. Our sun and insects are pretty vicious on soft, white skin of Europeans.

 We passed the brand new ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) building.

 Then we were back in the South Bank Parklands to find our car.   Our young visitors wanted photos of themselves in Brisbane. (see the City Cats)

From the river to the carpark we walked along the beautiful arbour, which stretches the whole length of the parklands. It is covered in Bougainvillea.


  1. Diane, the 'Cat' how wonderful. Wonder did you all travel well?

    Nice photos all of the last one.
    You know I remember walking in the city of Brisbane many years ago in shorts and one man nearly fell over a parking meter watching - and when we got back to husband's Aunties she told me off for wearing shorts in the city :) How times have changed, or should I say, how people have changed the times :)

    Happy New Year to you, your husband and family.

  2. Hi
    Great report on your hosting of your Swiss visitors.
    So "Loquacious Col" strikes again!
    First I don't think the water police would be over impressed with the antics of the water bike mob. Just have a good look at where they are looking! Hmmm - naughty boys. Actually I thought these antics were not permitted on the Brisbane River within the CBD area?
    Anyone visiting Brisbane and enjoys excellent cruisine, the "Customs House" - indoor/outdoor restaurant is a must, especially at night. Be warned it is VERY expensive, but worth one visit, also has a history section area of what the area was like way back when it was built. The parkland arbour area looks to be magnificently maintained, that is a big plus.
    Well done as always, Diane and Bill.
    Colin ( The would be "Trappist Monk!!!! - just joking, AnnJ ?)

  3. I've not seen the Southbank --- and the last photo of that wonderful arbour bedecked in bougainvilleas; what a spectacular sight

  4. Thanks for letting us join the tour of beautiful (and clean) Brisbane. I love the reflections in the high buildings in the "River Center" photo. And the bougainvillea bedecked arbor is stunning! Love your young visitors. I'm sure you're spoiling them to boot! Great to be visiting you again, Diane. Thanks for your continued visits to my blog while I was "inn transit" - again! A happy and healthy 2013 to you and Bill. Greetings. Jo

  5. on New Year's day, 3 years ago, I was in Brisbane and wondered what the custom house was. until I asked a local.

  6. You have shown your visitors some very memorable sights Diane. Wonderful photos!

  7. It is many years since I have been to Brisbane, beautiful city. Just loved the Arbor with it's beautiful bouganvillia. Happy New Year Diane.

  8. What a beautiful city. Thank you for sharing your ride and walk. It is always interesting to see a city from the river.

  9. A wonderful tour of Brisbane. You and DL are keeping busy with your visiting cousins. I love the last shot of the arbour and bougainvillea.
    Lovely photos. Diane, I wish you and your family all the best in 2013. Happy New Years!

  10. You gave us a nice city tour too with the photos.

  11. I hope the new ABC is safer for female staff than the old one. When you host overseas visitors, you do things that you might not normally do and are often pleased that you have.

  12. PS The arbour walk looks wonderful.

  13. Lovely pics of Brisbane, our son lives there for the past year and will be home in January as he has no extension or sponsorship. He worked in a posh restaurant Reserve and now in a graphic design company and spent Christmas in north Stradbroke island - looked lovely! Thanks for sharing pics.
    Catherine x

  14. my favorite is the river center and next is the customs house. these are beautiful. our buses here are called Mcats...and our neighbor city Sarasota theirs are Scats

  15. Like the modern buildings, the middle tower looks like it is in gold.


  16. I loved the virtual tour with your visitors and I bet they frame that last photo it is AMAZING.

  17. I visited Brisbane in 1982. It certainly has changed since then.
    Enjoyed your tour.

  18. simply beautiful!

    i totally enjoyed the lovely tour through your marvellous photos!
    the river center looks beautiful and i especially love that photo.

    big hugs~

  19. Thank you for the tour. You ended with that stunning arbor - wow! I'd like to see that in person.

  20. Hi Diane and Happy New Year.... Looks like you all provided a wonderful Brisbane Experience for those young people... They looked like they had a great time. What a gorgeous place... Seeing SUMMER makes me yearn for some green and some color... Everything is COLD and DRAB up here now.


  21. Thank you for taking us along with you on this quick tour of Brisbane. I really like those City Cats. Brisbane is a beautiful city.

  22. Thanks for the tour. Love the customs house - beautiful building. And the garden (the arbour) is lovely.

    Re the snake, I have a phobia - just one look was enough to make hair on the back of my neck stand!

    Happy New Year, Evelyn

  23. Yep, that arbour is something special.

    Happy and healthy New Year, all!

  24. I know I enjoyed your tour and I think your visitors did too. I love the arbor walkway.

    Happy New Year!

  25. Your young visitors are lucky to have such accommodating tour guides! Wish I'd been along!