Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, December 15, 2012


The tennis ladies had a day out. This is one of the seven Christmas parties that I will have been to by the time it is family party time. They are all with the groups that I have joined since retiring. I go to more parties now than when I was a teenager. "Making hay while the sun shines" (before I'm too old to do it. Party that is).
Anyway this great bunch of old girls went to Cleveland for the day. We all went by train and bus so we could all be together and chatter all the way. 

 We stopped for coffee when we arrived at Cleveland by train. The service was quick and friendly. We were on the deck and the outlook was pleasant although it was a bit breezy. 

 After coffee we walked to the bus stop and caught a bus to The Grand View Hotel. It is the oldest licensed hotel in Queensland. It was built in 1851. We were early for lunch so we checked out the "Heritage Hall."

 The eating area is in the back garden overlooking Moreton Bay. We had booked our own little gazebo. It was very breezy and so the plastic walls had been dropped down , which was nice as we still had the view but no wind.

 The view of Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Island from our gazebo.

 The service, food and company was excellent. I had a chicken salad.

 We talked and laughed our way throughout the day. We also had a Secret Santa game.

 From L to R Kay, moi, Sandra, Judy, Helen, (Marie, Val, hiding) and  Bev.
 Merry Christmas everyone. 

Waiting for the bus in the shade of the Banyan Tree with its aerial roots.


  1. Good fun and what a great idea to have your own gazebo for dining. Its a very nice classic Queensland entrance in the second photo.

  2. It's no wonder that you walk a lot.
    If you didn't you would need a Mac Truck to move you from A to B - ha ha.
    And poor old Bill has to stay at home and tend to the vegetable patch!!
    I think TOH and I might start our little lunches! We will call them
    " Secret Men's Business Meetings" !
    Anyhow you sure picked a beautiful location.

  3. What a fun way to get to sit and catch up and chat with those you normally are sporting with! Everyone looks so bright and cheery!

  4. How nice to be able to enjoy all these parties in your retirement Diane and the day-out to Cleveland sound like it was a lot of fun....Oh my! .your chicken salad is making my mouth water ...yummo!

  5. What fun, beautiful, Diane. Great photos!

  6. Diane, what fun to have all these parties to attend. It look likea great get together with your friends.The chicken salad looks yummy. I did have a chuckle over Colin's comment. Have a great weekend!

  7. Seems like you are having a good time and the weather is fine.

    Greetings from the Caribbean,

  8. I could not keep up with your social whirl. It is unlikely my retirement will be like yours. I am rather fond of solitude.

  9. You certainly know how to party - and I'm glad you enjoy your friendships so much. Friends are so precious.

  10. What a party animal you are! I am amazed you have the time to keep up with your blogging.

  11. looks like you had a very enjoyable day. lunch looks very delicious and i love the banyan tree. enjoy your party season :)

  12. Seven parties! Wow!
    I so have to agree that we might as well enjoy ourselves while we can. :)
    The gazebo was a cozy idea.
    That chicken salad looks very yummy and it appears to be a generous portion. Not sure I'd get all that down.

  13. Keep forgetting to mention I love your header!!

  14. Carletta, mate.
    Diane has amazing eating abilities.
    I am sure that the plate of chicken salad was returned to the kitchen staff as "clean as a whistle".
    "Waste not, want not" - is the rule of law here.
    My mate, Diane, is the High Priestess of this law. I still am at the novice stage, but I am trying! I am sure Diane and TOH will vouch for that????
    You should come out and join in these culinary delights. You may be delayed by my ordering procedures, item by item! ha ha.
    Anyhow, the "Secret Men's Business Meetings" may just correspond with Diane's socializing.

  15. You are the 'partiest' gal I know.... Wow---glad you love it and enjoy being with people... Looks like loads of fun...

    We just got home from several days at the beach in North Carolina... Had a great time...

    Terrible tragedy in our country today... Pray for those families in Connecticut.

  16. looking like a lovely get-together. I must read up on those banyan trees; I was wondering are they related to the ficus'

  17. you will have gone to more parties this DEC than i have in my whole life. what a beautiful place for lunch

  18. You all look s o pleased to be together. I say, "Let us celebrate while we may! "

  19. It sounds like a really grand day out (as we would say over here). I must confess that one of the real joys of retirement is being able to go on group trips out like this with friends. You are right, there is something about childhood with it: if this is second childhood, bring it on.

  20. looks like a lot of fun!

    and what a wonderful place for lunch!

    big hugs and have a great day!