Brisbane, QLD

Friday, December 28, 2012


Jurg, Sibylle and Marc.
Just before Christmas we had three young people from Switzerland stay with us for three days. I asked them what they would like to see and the first request was a rainforest. So ignoring their jet lag we bundled them into the car and drove to our nearest rainforest, Mt Tamborine, about one hour away.

Marc is a distant cousin of TOH. (The Other Half)

We took them to the Skywalk where we walked in the canopy of the forest.

Jurg and Sibylle emerge from the forest.

Our visitors loved the laugh of the kookaburra.


  1. If we ever make it down your way this lovely rainforest will be at the top of my list of places to see. I'll bet they had a great time.

  2. That sounds like a wonderful outing for your Swiss visitors. How nice to be welcomed to Australia by a Kookaburra.

  3. Hello Young Lady!
    It has been lovely to FINALLY have a few minutes to myself to catch up on my favorite blogging buddies. Looks like you had a lovely and warm Christmas. It has been snowing for several days here and we have about 2-3 feet piled up everywhere. I'm trying to 'adjust' my attitude as I'd much rather have a fan going instead of the heater. You are such an active and busy lady, and I really appreciate you keeping in touch, even when my communication has been spotty. Today I met a man who served an LDS mission in Sydney many, many years ago, and we spent some time agreeing about how beautiful Sydney is, and he said he would love to visit again. I agreed and said I would really love to go when I had time to travel to the not so touristy places. Maybe some day! Sigh! P.S. Have fun with the new lens!

  4. How nice, Diane. I'm sure those young people really enjoyed the visit... I'd probably choose a rain forest too if I were to visit you.

    Happy New Year.

  5. what a treat for them; that first image with the roots hanging from the (ficus is it?) looks fantastic; I bet they absolutely loved it

  6. Yep - great report on your Swiss visitors.
    I had the same experience with Swiss visitors, Ursula and Markos, and Ursula's brother, Rudi and Cornelia, who got married in Sydney!
    They like many from Europe, enjoy seeing the flora and fauna of these rainforests.
    I took them all on different visits to here, there and all over Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, before like your visitors, they set off in campervans to do further exploring of our country.
    In Young, NSW, where my mother now resides, the fruit picking of the cherries, plums, apricots etc. is now in full swing. The European and Asian backpackers descend enmasse. These young people are the most delightful people anyone could wish to meet. They are a bonus to the town, they spend, they eat, they drink and they enjoy, plus they work.
    They intermingle with the locals.
    The locals find out what life is like in Switzerland, Norway, Thailand, Canada etc. Some countries are never to be seen???
    I do wonder why?
    Anyhow these great backpackers bring revenue into these areas, and after that harvest move on to the next.
    Incredible young people, I don't go into this "Blessing business", but to these young people, who are improving their knowledge of the World, I tip my hat.
    Great to know Diane and Bill, that you had this wonderful experience of showcasing our rain forests etc. and not forgetting beautiful Noosa.

  7. Carole .They are actually tall skinny palm trees not hanging roots but they sure do look like that.

  8. That must have been an event for these young people ! I too love the kookaburra. It really makes laugh ! maybe not at 5 in the morning, lol !

  9. Diane, your pictures are beautiful and do absolutely justice to this wonderful place. Your visitors, I am sure have enjoyed this beautiful area. I wish you and Bill all the best, rutsched guat ├╝ebera ins 2013.

  10. I've only been in a rain forest once and that was in Hilo Hawaii somewhere. It was raining and I just loved it so if I were those three guests, I'd ask for that also. And about a million other places. :) (I'm such a wanderlust.)

  11. Good choice of place to take them too.

    We have met quite a lot of Swiss travelling in campervans in caravan parks. We were wondering what makes Australia of particular interest to that nationality.

  12. Oh they would have loved this Diane, the images from your last trip are fabulous, I really don't think I would be able to cross the bridge, wish I wasn't such a woose haha!

  13. The skywalk sounds like so much fun and who wouldn't laugh at the kookaburra! :)

  14. Great captures Diane - your visitors will doubtless have experienced a memorable time with you and TOH... and how thoughtful of the Kookaburra to add to the warm welcome! (I had to smile at your comment on my blog about a picnic on the leaves! Thanks for dropping by) Happy New Year to you and yours.

  15. Hi Diane,

    What an amazing place! Your photos are gorgeous! I saw a kookaburra the other day on a program hosted by Piers, and Jack Hanna was on and brought a bunch of amazing animals with him from his zoo. One of the birds he brought was a kookaburra, and I got to hear it laugh. I loved it, what a beautiful, amazing bird! Thank you so much for sharing.

  16. Good to see you are showing the good spots and seeing some of our less dangerous animals. Colin you ARE NOT a man of a few words.

  17. That is nice you have a jungle so close by. A rainforest is so special to see. The huge trees and the heat. The kookaburra you captured very well, great photo.

  18. It is amazing how relaxing such a walk can be.


  19. My dear AnnJ
    I will have you know belatedly as I do not like to broadcast this news, that apparently when I was born and the nurse slapped my "bottom",
    I said to her - "Listen here Missy, you do that again, and I'll do a dirty on you"!
    The nurse almost passed out, and my dear Mama said with a smile - "That's my boy"!!
    Oh and I have further news for thee, I have been in contact with "Birthday Bertie Boy", you will be in for a surprise at your next birthday function - ha ha.
    "Bertie Bear" is a fast learner!
    Loquacious Colin

  20. What a treat for your Swiss visitors ... a walk on the wild-side and extra special to hear the Kookaburras laughing. Very different from the snow clad peaks and deep blue lakes of Switzerland.

  21. If I ever made it to Australia, I would like to visit this rainforest too. I am sure your hubby;s cousins enjoyed their outing. I love the kookaburra. Wonderful photos, Diane!

  22. indeed a beautiful rain forest.

    it sure looks like a great day had by all.
    it's so nice of you to post these photos; they are all lovely!
    what a great showing!

  23. What lucky kids to have such good hosts (enjoyed both the posts.)