Brisbane, QLD

Monday, December 17, 2012


Besides celebrating our birthdays with Birthday Bear we also enjoy having a Christmas lunch together. Ann loves dressing Bear for Christmas. He has been dressed as Santa, as a Christmas Tree, as a Social Butterfly, and as an Elf  but this time Bear is dressed as a Christmas Pudding. For those who are not familiar with our 
 Ann puts the finishing touches to Bear. He is inside a Christmas pudding with a white brandy sauce on top together with a sprig of holly.

Bear has written a lament for us. (Clever Bear)

He looked good enough to eat.

I climbed on a chair to take this shot of the top of the pudding. The things you can do when you're a silly senior.

L to R Mary, Helen, Ann, Birthday Bear, Bill, Paul, and George
 We chose to go to the Sunnybank Sports Club again. It is close to home and the food is good.
 I had salmon on a corn salsa with fancy potatoes which look like pineapple.

Another fun Christmas outing.


  1. I think you have to be on a diet at the end of December when you go on with the parties. Birthday bear looks very funny again, he is very flexible in changing his identity.

  2. Cool poem. Your choice of food was quite adventurous.

  3. Birthday Bear sure gets around. A Christmas Pudding, now that is original.

  4. Looks interesting all of it..
    I have eaten out for nearly every meal lately and I am so full, but will get over it.
    Keep enjoying yourself :)

  5. Bear is always so cute and you all always look to be having such a grand time!

  6. Everything looks so good. Are those lattes in the last picture? Very fancy work.

  7. love the silly senior sauce shot. bear looks great as a pudding, i would make a great pudding since i am shaped like one and feel like one.
    the last photo is what i want right now.. please

  8. Love this post, Diane! That salmon looks fantastic! I love salmon.

  9. Bear is perfect as a Christmas pudding .... Yes Diane! I know what you mean about climbing on chairs to get a good shot ....I've been known to do the same thing... much to the embarrassment of my daughters.

  10. Great imagination! BB looks quite delightful (and tasty).
    Have a beaut Christmas :D)

  11. Christmas Bear is GORGEOUS... AND he's obviously very smart since he wrote that lament.... That's GREAT!!!!

    Sounds like you had another great party. The salmon on a corn salsa looks good. I had some salmon when we were at the beach last week which I did not like. It needed that salsa I guess... ha


  12. I was very impressed with Bear's lament, but I think he looks pretty good as a Christmas pudding. I was also impressed with the food you had at your outing.

  13. Impressive looking food, but what pray tell, is that strange looking brown object with seemingly cherries on it? Surely not chocolate???
    I have been looking at this "Christmas foodfest" since it appeared and hoping that someone may ask, but no!
    So what is it?
    The curious epicurean, Colin.

  14. Lol ! poor Birthday Bear, as a pudding ! But a real artwork ! Your food looks delicious !

  15. yum! yum! bb looks quite tasty!

    beautiful poem and post.
    thanks for sharing:)

    big hugs!

  16. Bear pudding! :-) You and your friends know how to have fun and really enjoy life!

  17. I think you have to be on a diet at the end of December when you go on with the parties. Birthday bear looks very funny again, he is very flexible in changing his identity.

  18. He he Diane is still partying.

    I was a little worried at first ... wondered what BB had to lament. But with all those birthdays BB must be getting older. Getting a little more "pudding shaped" goes with age.

  19. Another fun time with Birthday Bear Diane. He looks lovely as a Christmas Pud!

  20. The Birthday bear looks cute dressed up for the Christmas season. What a fun time you and your friends are having there. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  21. dear diane, stopping by to wish you and yours the best this holiday season!

    have a merry Xmas!