Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Waiting for the train 

At this time of the year our calendar fills with end of year celebrations. We call them Christmas Parties but they are more like luncheons or dinners. I guess that is a sign of our age. We are not into rip roaring parties with dancing, loud music and getting drunk, but we sure have fun when we have our get togethers. Last week we had our Camera Club end of year lunch at the Plough Inn at South Bank after we had a shoot at the Maritime Museum. TOH and I went into town on the train.

Happy II, the little yacht on the left is one of the smallest boats to sail across the Pacific Ocean (13 ft long). Howard Smith sailed Happy I from the east coast of USA and through the Panama Canal. It was wrecked near Noumea, where he built a replica HappyII and continued Australia. His attempt to continue to circumnavigate the world was squashed. 

Ella's Pink Lady, (10.23m long) was sailed around the world by 16 year old Jessica Watson. We saw her sail into Sydney Harbour at the end of her epic voyage.

The HMAS Diamantina, is a River Class frigate built in Queensland in 1944. She is the biggest surviving WWII ship in Australia.

Underneath the Diamantina in the dry dock.

The communications room on the Diamantina. A little different to today's war ships methinks.

The Forceful is a coal fired steam tug built in 1925, which served the Port of Brisbane for 45 years. In 1971 she was donated to the Museum and it was used as a workboat on the river until recently. Now she is a floating museum.

After a few hours of shooting photos it was then a short walk to the Plough Inn for our end of year lunch together.


  1. Diane, great visit to the Maritime Museum. I am most impressed with Ella. It is amazing a 16 ye old sailed around the world. I hope you enjoyed your luncheon. Have a great day!

  2. What a great end of year celebration ... a photo shoot then onto a luncheon. I followed Jessica Watson's blog as she was sailing around the world - she sure is a very brave and determined girl.

  3. Interesting post regarding the museum.
    Nice to all get go out for lunch - we also have lots of these before Christmas..

  4. Like the pik boat, mistakes happen, I als had to correct a few things on our blog.

    Sorry for not commenting the last few weeks but we are on a long travel adventure in the US and the Caribbean.


  5. Lovely read and the photos were super. I also enjoyed reading your other one again, so thank you for that. Such a sweet photo of mama and sweet baby.

  6. I have really enjoyed this post Diane. I love boats. Crikey how brave that 16 year old girl must be. Nice to see you having a good time.

  7. this looks like a great party to me and one i would enjoy. the The HMAS Diamantina was born the same year as me... i am glad you showed the insides, it is different from any others i have seen. i love the propeller shot best.

  8. Really interesting post. I'd love to see all those ships. It looks hot there, Is it?

  9. Hi Diane, thanks for this fascinating and beautiful tour!

  10. You have such interesting posts. I love the shot of TOH waiting for the train. As for rip roaring parties - never have done those would rather do what you are doing and totally enjoying the company!

  11. Well, Diane, you have given me something to see (when this wretched heat wave departs!).
    I thought Jessica Watson's "Pink Lady" was moored up at the Mooloolaba Marina, where I think she comes from?? Maybe she trained out of that marina? Jessica certainly was a brave and intelligent (seawise) young girl. I believe to keep her yachting skills up, she now crews in the annual Sydney/Hobart race.
    I am dreading Tuesday, if the forecast is right, but at least by midnight some respite comes.
    Colin (Sweatbox HB)

  12. What a great idea to go to such an interesting museum and have some fun with the camera and then meeting up for a celebratory lunch.

  13. Just looked up Jessica Watson,
    she resides in Buderim, so I guess all her yachting training would have been at the Mooloolaba Yacht Club. It is a very interesting report in Wikipedia on her life, achievements and awards.
    Certainly a "role model" of young people.

  14. I knew I had never heard of U3A--but we have lots and lots of other Older Adult Groups like that for anyone interested.

    Your party-going reminds me of the days I spent working for a church. I was invited to almost everyone's Christmas Party... AND---I am so NOT a party person, preferring to be home cuddled up by the fireplace listening to some good music. BUT--I endured many parties and groups. These days--I run in the other direction... ha ha

    BUT--I enjoy reading about others' parties... Looks like your Camera Club had a great time at the museum and then at the Plough Inn.


  15. Very glad you all had such a lovely time. I find that I enjoy visiting ships when they are in port or dry docked
    but I don't enjoy being out on the water. I enjoyed your photos and history very much. Thank you!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  16. Greetings from Agra. Having one of those nights so I have spent a happy time catching up with your Adventures! (The Taj Mahal is one of those magic places that truly exceed their hype! Amazing place.)

  17. I'm not sure if it's age or common sense as lunch time 'dos' are preferred by us as well!

    OK, so it's age....

  18. "I have really enjoyed this post Diane. I love boats. Crikey how brave that 16 year old girl must be. Nice to see you having a good time. " I totally agree.

  19. I am not much into boating but I do remember with great fondness the day we saw the Pink Lady arrive, that was the day I met you :-)

  20. What a great place for a Christmas Party. I would have loved to be with you to see all these interesting ships. Thanks for the pictures.

  21. It looks like a very enjoyable day, Diane, no matter what age one is!

    I like the idea of the U3A and wish we had more of those opportunities to be ina group here.