Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The first Tuesday in November is when the nation stops to watch a horse race, The Melbourne Cup. It is one of the wealthiest horse races in the world. Besides huge amounts spent on betting there is also thousands of dollars spent on fashion, food and drinks. It is  party time for Australia. In Victoria it is a public holiday and in the rest of Australia many people have the day off and many offices stop work to watch the race at 2:00pm ESDT. There are Melbourne Cup luncheons in just about every hotel, club and restaurant as well as at private homes. Others flock to their local racecourse for the celebrations dressed in all their splendour. 

TOH and I had a sandwich on our deck. Afterwards we watched the race on television just like most of the other residents of Australia.

The following photos are from our TV screen.
 The horse are getting put into the starting gates.

 They are almost ready to bolt out of the gates. Tension in the whole country.

They're off.

 On their way vying for a good position.

 After 3 minutes a leader is obvious.

Every muscle of "Green Moon" is straining to the optimum.

The triumphant jockey is Brett Prebble. It is every jockey's dream to win this race. The horse is owned by Lloyd Williams of Australia.

There were some special guests. Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall.

Our friend Colin loves horse racing and he looks forward to this day every year. Here is his view of the day.

 ( between tears of losing again)

Well over again - the rain did hold off until the cup was over.
Melbourne weather is just so strange, they can
have 4 seasons in a day, I think they could boast 4 seasons in an hour
as well as the 'sporting capital' of the World!!!

My selections ran:
Kellini - 4th - busted his heart out.
Americain - 11th - did nothing. I think as an 8 year old stallion has
now got other interests. I suspect he will be now off to
stud duties at a high fee. Has won almost $6 million.
Dunedan- 14th - never in the hunt. Another stallion, who with over
with over $7 million in his bank account will be soon seeing
his lady friends like Americain.
Ethiopia - finished 63 lengths behind the second last horse - pulled
up. I suspect he broke down and may be "put down"  on
veterinarian advice. Such a pity.

The first 4 over the line paid for an outlay of $24.00, the wonderful
sum of $969,406.60! Aaaaaaaaah - someone or more
is lucky, why not little old " MOI" ???????????
Winner: Green Moon.
Owner: Lloyd Williams

Williams, hardly a member of the battling class - see here:

"A prominent businessman, Lloyd Williams and his famous blue and white
colours have been a mainstay of Australian racing for more than three
Green Moon joins his list of famous winners including Melbourne Cup
winners What A Nuisance, Just A Dash and Efficient, as well as the
dual Derby winner-turned sprinter Mahogany.
With an estimated worth of $840 million, Williams - the founder of
Crown Casino - was once one of Australia's biggest punters, taking on
bookmakers every year at Spring Carnival time.
Now, he selects prospective Cup winners in Europe and brings them to
his headquarters at Macedon Lodge in Victoria along with his son

The strange thing about Lloyd Williams is that he is rarely seen at
the races. He doesn't seek the limelight.i


  1. What an interesting post. Well - except for the 'putting down' of the horse but I understand that. I only watch races here in the spring which are the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont and the Preakness. I get all tensed up with those. :)

  2. a good commentary Diane and while the race was 'on' I was in a hardware store buying paint and sprinkler heads. The staff were around a tv in the corner for the race.

  3. That must be exciting, we don't have horse racings here. It is a typical Brittish event I think. But it is a nice story.

  4. Oh your photos are fantastic. It was like I was there. Sorry about the loss:)

    My Hero always finds something to buy:) B

  5. Great post Diane. Was a great race and we watched in on the TV too :)
    I actually knitted whilst I watched.

  6. It seems to be only the last few years that interstate people have become very interested in the Melbourne Cup. I worked and I could have listened to the race on the radio, but I didn't bother. I found out which horse won a few hours later, and it wasn't the one I had in the sweep.

  7. Hi Diane, sounds like a fun day watching the big horse race. It is similiar to the Preakness they have here in Baltimore and part of the famous Triple Crown. Congrats to the horse, owner and the jockey of Green Moon.

  8. i was relieved when i read your post, by the title i thought you were referring to the USA Jackass race we are voting on today.

  9. My mother is always fond of telling me - every year on my birthday - that whilst recovering after my 'arrival', she won the Melbourne cup sweep run by the hospital.

  10. I am so impressed with your wonderful photos of the race on your TV. I tried to take some of the Jubilee and they didn't work out at all. It is fun when a big event happens on TV and everyone's watching and cheering on their favourites. Lovely to see you enjoying your meal outside! Cheers!

  11. Thanks for letting us share in this special day at the races!

  12. I would MUCH prefer doing that the first Tuesday in November than what we do - oh wait did I say that? Today is last voting for the year and YAY no more political ads (my TV and radio have been off for the last 3 days).

  13. Sacrilegious I know, but I forgot. One dollar saved is a dollar earned?

    Don't know how you got the shots from the teev, but they make for an interesting story.

    Won't ask which of you won the fashion on the field comp at your place!

  14. It's certainly a nice tradition anyway far better then football (soccer) I know nearly nothing about horse races except the hats of the English women, lol !

  15. I think Diane you could have had a career as a race caller.
    Some "interesting" comments, rather surprised that two Aussies were busy doing other things???
    I also think that horse racing is not confined to the English speaking world - the Asians are horse mad and it certainly is big time in France, Germany, Italy and most other countries around the World. The Arabs and the Japanese are owners of the biggest racing empires of all.
    Still, I love the day and I don't live in Victoria! It is probably the only day that unites all Australians.
    Now to start preparing for 2013!

  16. There you are on your lovely refinished deck enjoying the day.
    Even the Triple Crown here which is always exciting for the few minutes it takes to run isn't as all encompassing as your Cup race seems to be.
    I took shots of my TV screen of the cartoons my Grandson liked when we babysat for a week so I could have them for a scrapbook. Glad I'm not the only one taking those kind of shots!!

  17. In 1978 I was in the US for the running of all three races in the triple Crown as it is called. It is a 3 year old race for colts, geldings and fillies, but very few fillies participate. The fillies go at 3 years of age in the equivalent triple Crown of their sex.
    I was fortunate that in 1978, Affirmed, was the last winner of this achievement. Affirmed became a premier Sire at a Kentucky Blue Grass Stud.
    Here we have two versions of the Triple Crown.
    For two year olds, it is the Sydney Autumn Carnival - The Golden Slipper, The Sires Produce and the Champagne Stakes.
    The Spring version moves to Melbourne for the older horses, the Caulfield Cup, the (WFA) Cox Plate and the Melbourne Cup. To achieve this one, the horse becomes a "legend".
    Done only once - Rising Fast(1954).


  18. For a second there I thought you were talking about the Presidential race over here. Unlike your dear friend (and our mutual commenter), I am very happy about the way our 'horse race' turned out. Life is good... or it least it still has the potential for being good.

    Back on the subject at hand, it really is very interesting to me that one horse race is so important to a whole country. I guess the Super Bowl (US football) would be sort of the same thing.

  19. Great post, Diane! Love the photos as well!

  20. Hubby and I too sat down and had a celebration drink together during the race but forgot to turn on the tele!

  21. what an interesting post, dear diane,

    gorgeous photos you show.
    love the british feel!

    have a great day~

    big hugs!

  22. What great photos, I can't take photos as good as that from the TV. I would love to see the Melbourne Cup in real life, in fact I would also like to see Melbourne. I don't think though we will be making the trip to Australia again unless we win the lottery and can afford to travel 1st class. Nigel at 6'4" can't get his legs behind the seats and I just hate the trip, last time I arrived with a migraine!
    Loved this post. Keep well Diane

  23. Looks like a good reason to celebrate! My late MIL loved horse racing and would chat about it happily for hours.

  24. Diane do you bet on this race as well
    ? If so how'd you do? What a large race, even the Prince himself was there, now that's something!

  25. A final comment on the 2012 "Cup".
    Just in case some of you come back to see other comments.
    One of my selections, Ethiopia, seemed to have broken down as reported by me in Diane's report.
    I have been in contact with a senior turf reporter, Paul Richards, who writes for a major turf paper.
    He reports: "Ethiopia is fine.
    He just picked up a few lacerations and was eased down.
    He'll be back."
    That's great news, the horse was only very lightly raced and the future looks bright - maybe 2013?
    Colin (HB)

  26. I seem to be lucky every year with this race Diane, I picked first, second and third and believe it or not it was completely random..happens every year much to my lunch buddies disgust haha!

  27. Even reading this several days after, you make it sound exciting!