Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, November 25, 2012


("A walk in the park" is an idiom meaning "Its easy")

Back in April, I started a series of posts on different walks in our city of Logan. It all started because of TOH. One of his many excuses for not going for walks was, "It's boring." He was referring to our closest park which is Daisy Hill Conservation Park, which is actually very big and beautiful to me. So for encouragement I suggested we find different parks to walk in and so we did. This is number 5 in the series. I now want to challenge myself to walk in, and photograph every park in Logan. Then I will start on Brisbane and Redlands neighbouring cities.

This one is Cornubia Forest Park - Bushland Corridor.
 Off we go. As we crossed this little bridge we saw this....

 It looks lush but the creek only has a little water. We haven't had much rain lately.

Mr Kookaburra kept an eye on us.

                                    Another dry creek bed.                                TOH finds a Strangler Fig

A Strangler Fig is a tree which grows on another tree and strangles it to death. Birds or animals drop seeds in a crevice of the host tree. The fig sends down roots to the ground and huge strangling vines up to the top of the host. It is a huge parasite, which lives off the host until it has killed it. By then it is strong enough to stand alone on its big buttress roots. It usually grows in rainforests so it was unusual to see one here. I guess this bushland is a remnant from an ancient rainforest. In the one above the host is still alive.

 Aha I see TOH is "on the home run."


  1. nice to do things like this and looks to be a great walking path through there. I've seen the strangler fig also in the conservation area here, which could hardly be called a rainforest pocket also. Shame to see a tree being taken over by them. Enjoyed your post

  2. I like your walks. I see the track is paved. In the mountains I find the paved tracks much harder to walk than the dirt tracks unless they are particularly washed out. This track looks like it is on the level which is nice ... it's all the climbing that puts me off our walks.

  3. well i am sure TOH did not get bored here, it looks like you went for a walk in a Florida park, very much similar. and we have strangler figs in all our parks, most of the host trees are living for now. we even have one in our back yard, so far the tree has survived 23 years with it but who knows what will happen later. at Selby and Jungle gardens the fig trees are immense...

  4. Wikipedia knows what exact a creek is meening in your country :-)
    It may be wonderful to walk through the park.
    I've seen your other posts until september. By the way I like "Mandelgipfeli" too :-)
    Great pictures!
    Greetings from Switzerland

  5. Diane, checking out all the different parks is a great idea. Not to mention great exercise with all the walking. I hope this strangler fig does not take over the forest. I enjoyed the kookaburra and the photos of the park and trees. Great post!

  6. Wow---that is beautiful... With everything turning brown and drab around here this time of year, it's great to see that GREEN.

    You all certainly do have alot of great places to walk... That is NEAT --since walking is so important for all of us.

    We had a great Thanksgiving week with family and FOOD. Luckily, I did make it through the week without gaining any weight... Yeah!!!! (Now--I have another holiday to get through!)


  7. I am sure Mr. G. pities your TOH ! he doesn't like to walk either ! Only I can't pull him out of his sofa ! Not even with a crane ! My dream is waking up a morning and hear a Kookaburra laughing ! That must be fun !

  8. Love the "kookie" bird - LOL and I've heard of the strangler figs so it is cool to see one in your photos.

  9. Nice looking park for a "stroll".
    Kookaburras this morning here are not on top of my "good bird" list.
    The family of them in my area decided to have choral practice at 4.00am on the electric street pole right outside my window.
    Beethoven's 5th Symphony practising can take place at a more reasonable time, thank you very much!
    I must say that they are getting more harmonious, they were in complete unison!!!
    Colin (HB)

  10. Definitely not a boring walk! We have strangler figs around in Florida. Scary, but interesting as picture ops!

  11. So beautiful, Diane. I feel as though I am there taking a nice walk.

  12. What a fascinating park to walk in! The strangler fig was mazing to see.

  13. A kookaburra to brighten up your day ... this park seems to have lots of shady tracks ... Perfect for TOH.

  14. Oh I love this walk I can smell the air and see everything as if I was there with you. Incredible. Love the strangling tree:) B

  15. This park is definitely not boring. I enjoyed going along with you on your walk. I really like the challenge you've set for yourself. I imagine we will see many more wonderful photos as you explore new parks.

  16. Diane, that is an excellent idea to photograph the parks, when you are finished you can make a photo book for the coffee table! I like your walks in the Park.
    ( I fell from a ladder got some ugly bruising and two cuts on my right hip, as I fell I hit a small iron table. Luckily I have tough bones and did not break any! It is quite an experience to fall backwards.) Now, I give advice, be careful when on a ladder!

  17. so lush and beautiful! carole showed these cool fig roots recently, too!

    thank you so much for stopping by my place and leaving a comment this weekend. really appreciate it!

  18. Looks really nice. Diane - it's fab that you are always doing something fun :D. Hey, that would be a great place to draw.

  19. Oh your idea is just great Diane, I'd missed your previous walks and so will catch up.
    Such beautiful parks too - makes for a peaceful meander :D)

  20. thanks for stopping by my place...uh, blog...and leaving a note so that i could follow you back here! very cool!
    actually, your walk in the very much like the parks we have north florida...LOTS of vines, creeks, greenery...

    OH and i just LOVE the Kookaburra!!! he looks like a 'cartoon' bird!!

    have a nice weekend! (i guess yours is about half over now...enjoy what's left! enjoy EVERY day!!)