Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, November 10, 2012


 You know that you are in the country when you keep seeing grain silos and cows. We were driving from Dubbo to Tamworth in NSW.

photo by TOH

We stopped for morning tea. We bought coffee and cake from the Kakkadoo cafe in Dunedoo. (I love saying that)

We sat in a park with our coffee and cake. There were lots of lovely steel sculptures. This is a black swan which is called Dunedoo in the local aboriginal language.

 A Galah and......
Magpie kept us company.


  1. Cows, I see cows! :) Great post Diane, love all the photos. I like those words Kakkadoo and Dunedoo.

  2. Yes they were good looking cows.

  3. Lovely post Diane. Great travelling.
    Plenty of Galahas about and they are pretty in numbers.

  4. Dunedoo!!!!
    I gotta give it to "Kate", she sure takes you on the by-roads!
    I don't think that too many travellers, well interstate ones, would be driving via Dunedoo from Canberra to Brisbane. I will be keeping my NSW road map now on top of my printer for the next stop!
    Bill: Great cattle shot. All polled, probably heifers in calf, going by the "waistlines" - ha ha!
    A real mix-match, red polls, aberdeen angus, polled herefords, and angus x polled herefords. Strange that they are "ear tagged".
    Can't imagine that this property is a stud. Anyhow, great beef to result on our tables from this lot.
    I can even taste it now!
    Now an update on my comment on the Melbourne Cup which Diane placed on this blog. I contacted a senior turf reporter, Paul Richards, who has informed me that "Ethiopia" which finished a distance last has NOT been "put down", the horse suffered severe lacerations in the race to his legs and was pulled up.
    Ethiopia will make a full recovery and who knows - maybe next year???
    Ah - if you need a "poo" go to Dunedoo - they do have good "dunnies"! Inside and outside houses of course. Outside in this territory, be warned - "Joe Blakes" may be lurking - ha ha.
    Colin (HB)

  5. Only 3,600 km from Humpty Doo.

  6. i am so delighted to see those cows!

    what adorable animals!

    lovely photos, too.

    have a great weekend!

  7. I wouldn't think you could say those two words too quickly. I would be tongue tied. Love the shots of the cows and the birds. The Galah is a beautiful birds. Sounds like a great outing, wonderful photos. Wishing you a happy weekend!

  8. Interesting blog. I have several pictures just like your cow picture. :)

  9. i love cows almost as much as i love dogs, tell TOH that is a great shot of them. i enjoyed the birds, they are ones i have not seen, the scupture is really nice.

  10. Yeeee a galah, I always thought I'd have one of those (I had and raised parrots for a long time - now have one) and I know they are pests in your world. The sculptures are lovely and yum - burgers on the hoof! :)

  11. I love those exotic Aussie place names of yours!

  12. Great to come by and see your latest adventures and trips.

  13. It's a funny name. I think I'll really become a vegetarian and only eat fish. The cows look so friendly and have such beautiful eyes !

  14. I have been looking forward to what you would show from Dunedoo. I have been there quite often recently and interestingly have not even noticed the Kakkadoo Kafe. I generally eat at the cafes further up the street, closer to the loos.

    I spy the Royal Hotel. Sorry I have not posted your contributions yet ... I am just too busy to do anything much as the moment.

  15. Gorgeous photos, Diane! I love the relaxed atmosphere and your descriptions. I feel as though I was right there with you. Thank you so much for sharing.

  16. I always enjoy "tagging along" on these trips with you, via your photos. Do you know one of the things that I love about Australia? The wonderful tongue-twister names of all the towns.

  17. Dunedoo, haha! I enjoyed the trip to the country Diane, I'm sure I would have enjoyed the morning tea!

  18. Oh I love this I do have a soft spot for cows and yes Magpies of which I have never had the pleasure of really seeing in person, but someday. Thank you. B

  19. P.s. I meant to say Diane, yes I definitely did use a tripod for the night shots, I did try a couple of hand held...tragic haha!

  20. That little bird in the grass jumps out in this serie.


  21. Kakkadoo in Dunedoo.... Bet you'll never imagine how a southern girl like me would pronounce those two words!!!!!! ha ha ha

    Glad you enjoyed it....I'm sure you enjoyed your coffee and cake in that pretty park.

    Gorgeous birds....

  22. I loved those names too Diane!
    I have to say Dundee in Dunedoo. :)
    A new movie perhaps! HA
    It always amazes me that cows are so inquisitive of someone with a camera. Maybe they all just want a handout. In blogland the photos of cows were seem they are the same the world over. :)
    I noticed you stopped for morning tea but bought coffee. Exactly what I would have done.

  23. Diane - you are living your dream and having lots of fun doing it. Thanks for sharing these interesting trips with those of us who are home(watching the snow fall...)

  24. The aboriginal language sounds so musical! The metal sculptures were very realistic and the cows looked like they expected you to give them a treat. :)

  25. I also like those words -- I just wish I could hear them pronounced. Silos and cattle remind me of some of our Plains states. I haven't seen many towns with such nice sculptures, however.

  26. each time I drive to Dubbo I make this my last resting place to while away a little time; glad I've nearly reached my destination. I also walk through those same doors you did at the Kakadoo (great salad sandwiches too). The country towns are calming environments aren't they?

  27. Looks like the countryside for sure -- could be here except for the great names! And until I got to the gulah -- and we do have some magpies but not exactly like that.

  28. George mate.
    You would be surprised in what you will find in "our" country towns.
    Hospitality in "our country towns" is second to none.

  29. To Diane B and Carole M, I'm so pleased that you have had a pleasant experience while visiting Kakkadoo Kafe in Dunedoo. We haven't been open very long and we continue to be so amazed of the many people that call in on their way to somewhere. Mostly heading towards Newcastle, or Tamworth or Brisbane or anywhere. Feels like we are the centre of the state. We try very hard to provide the best for our customers and now our dining room is open for Morning, Afternoon Teas and light lunches. Please call in on your way through Dunedoo, we are at the Dubbo end of town. You're always very welcome.