Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Brisbane City sits on the banks of the Brisbane River.  

The City Cat Ferry is a good way to see what is on the river.

 There are many towers in the CBD. 

One of the most interesting buildings is one of Brisbane's heritage icons, Customs House. It was designed by Charles McLay and completed in 1889.  The long room has a copper sheathed dome. Custom Houses were built in all major ports in Australia to collect customs and excise duties which were an important source of revenue levied on goods from overseas. In 1988 the port moved to the mouth of the river and this beautiful colonial building was taken over by the University of Queensland. It is used as a cultural and educational facility. Behind the grand corinthian columns there are exquisite boardrooms, ballroom and restaurant.


  1. When we were in Brissie a couple of years ago we decided the catch the River Cat and it was a truly enjoyable trip. I agree the Customs House is lovely, I had a number of functions there when I was organising such things.

  2. Yes Diane
    The Customs House is a remarkable building and so great to see it preserved.
    For those visiting Brisbane, the restaurant is one of the premier eateries in Brisbane.
    Here is the website to fiddle with:

    Eating of an evening on the Terrace area is magnificent with the Story Bridge all lit up and seeing the night walkers trooping over on top. You see their torches on their hats.
    However, be warned, the restaurant is not cheap, far from it, IT is PRICY and so are the beverages.
    The service is 5 star, waiters being all in dinner wear attire and remarkably professional in the menu variety, so that is good for those who are not too sure of what is what to order.
    I dread to think of what a wedding reception would cost to be held there!
    Delightful scenes Diane. The old and the new of the CBD - I think I prefer the old, rather than those glass match box type things.
    (Would be architect of early college days - pity I was so hopeless with maths and physics!)

    1. So Colin, here was me thinking we could go there one evening for Bangers and Mash, using the Seniors Card. No?

  3. The Customs House, the building that knock 'em down Joh missed. Someone else posted about the building in detail not so long ago. I was very impressed.

  4. What a great contrast of buildings. Brisbane looks very interesting. x

  5. The skyscrapers are amazing - until they're compared to the grandeur of the copper domed customs building!

  6. My dear William

    This restaurant's chefs would have never heard of "bangers and mash"! Even the impeccably dressed staff would probably throw you into the muddy waters of the Brisbane River, the so-called "Blue Danube" of the River City! And what I saw, that Strauss, didn't, the Danube ain't BLUE!
    Senior's card?????????????
    My God, Diane, see that William continues to take his medication! I think he must be throwing his tablets off your deck for those bloody garden ravaging Wallabies or the birds that strangely fly into your windows and knock themselves senseless!
    And now I am off to bed, I think 5 decades of the Rosary might suffice for thee, my dear William, for reality to return - poste haste!
    (Most concerned now!)

  7. I like the first picture with the skyscrapers. It's a very nice picture.

  8. spectacular sky line in the first and beautiful buildings. But, i will always prefer the beautiful old buildings like this one nestled in the giant sky scrapers. so glad they kept it. i know why they build sky scrapers but i don't care for them like i do the really old buildings. what a view you had from the boat.

  9. Fantastic shots! I must be due for another city cat ride again soon.

  10. I think I would like to see Brisbane from the ferry. The skyscrapers are very imposing, but I really like the Customs House. It is magnificent.

  11. Gorgeous pictures of the water, Diane. Brisbane is such a gorgeous city. I'd love to see it someday...Got any waterfalls?????? ha


  12. Looks like a fantastic city.


  13. Love the photos I have been to Brisbane once in my life a few years ago........

  14. Brisbane looks like a wonderfully interesting city. You certainly do get around! Good for you - Marsha

  15. Even thought the customs house is a beautiful building it seems strange to be along side of the tall skyscrapers. I would like to take a ride on the ferry and river.

  16. when I saw the treasury building, I didn't know it was a casino. I sat opposite it at Sub way. I had to ask.

    I helped some of these Asian women at Shakti. Poor women.

  17. Awesome shot of the towers against the sky Diane! Really!!!
    The juxtaposition of the Customs House with the other buildings makes a unique statement toward past and present architecture.

  18. Beautiful cityscape along the gorgeous River. Our kind of place to be.