Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, April 26, 2012


We left home at 9.15am on Sunday and arrived in Hollywood at 2:00pm on Sunday after crossing the international date line and went back a day, we were traveling for about 20 hours.
We had to be at Brisbane airport 2 hours before departure. The iPad came in handy. We joined all the young ones with their noses in iPads or laptops as there was free Internet at the airport.

We traveled with Air New Zealand

and we were impressed with the Premium Economy seats and service.
It took 3 hours to NZ where we waited for two hours before connecting with the flight to LA. That took another 12 hours. Bernie met us at the airport and drove us to West Hollywood where our little family live.
We were met at the door by one excited little Fox.

I started Grandma duties straight away.


  1. I just remembered, a test post from your iPad came through on my reader a week or so ago. Now that makes sense. Premium economy sounds very enticing.

  2. Well look at you guys, back in the good old U.S. of A. Welcome back! Great photos and that last one of you and Fox is absolutely precious! Tell Bill I said hi and that I have enjoyed his posts. Need to get back over there and check out the new ones. Looking forward to seeing yours when you have the time. I've a feeling you're going to be very, very busy tempered with a whole lot of joy.

  3. Glad you made it, Diane (and Bill)... Sounds like you had a good flight--even though it was long...

    Fox is a cutie... I know you were thrilled to see him (them) in person. When is the baby due???


  4. Diane,
    I have been catching up on your blog, in the US with 'part' of your family. I hope all goes well and you don't have to do what I did, though it was lovely :)
    Your photos are ok using BlogPress, I do believe that App. has improved.
    Airport and internet - did you find it slow when lots of people were using I wonder!
    I found it slow, then when everyone got onto planes was able to connect much easier and faster.
    Have fun...xoxoxox

  5. Enjoy your holiday in the States. Reading to the after a 20 hour flight most by difficult.


  6. glad you arrived safely Diane. Fox is looking cuter every time i see a photo of him. he's growing into quite the little man. enjoy your trip xx

  7. Cute little boy. Enjoy it in USA.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  8. I was thinking "what a long trip....ugh". Then I got to the photo of the handsome little tow-head and of corse I knew then that it wouldn't have mattered if you had to circle the globe twice to arrive at that destination !!! Have fun...and soak up enough of that little guy to carry you back home with a great big grin on your face!

  9. You must be exhausted! Bet its well worth it though!

  10. fox is truly a FOX, love that last photo and that is one long time to be traveling. glad you are safe arrived. have lots of fun, like i need to say that

  11. Oh those "grandma duties" are so hard (hehehe). Enjoy yourself and the little Foxy Fox.

  12. Awwww Fox has grown up so much! Glad you are here safe and sound and doing all Grandma duties as assigned!

  13. What a nice post! I am glad you had a safe trip.

  14. I checked on your other half's blog and saw you arrived safely. And recognized the one picture -- grandma duties are pure pleasure, especially that one! I really miss reading to toddlers.

  15. Little Fox is a big Fox now, he has grown a lot. I used to love flying, but I don't like that hanging and waiting at airports. It makes you so tired. Have a nice time.

  16. Lovely photos Diane. The Premium Economy Class looks very comfortable.
    Miserable morning here - drizzle rain, suits my deflated mood as that budding star of the big screen aspirations fades into the upper atmosphere. The aspiring Rhett Butler!!!
    Colin (HB)

  17. Of course you started G'ma duties straight away! There is very little that is more important.

    He is following that story really well, G'ma. Keep us up to date with the next little fellow. Don't suppose they have confided their name of choice as yet? I have a feeling it will be outrageous ... to the ears of oldies at any rate.

  18. It's a shame that travel to the US is so long and drawn out. If only we had Star Trek "instant" transporters to anywhere. I'm sure the customs people stamping passports wouldn't be pleased....

    Have a great time being a family together again!

  19. You both look very comfy in those seats!
    Enjoy your Grandma duties - always beaut.

  20. It makes my heart happy to see you with little Fox! I am not too far away from you right now as I am visiting my daughter in San Diego. I will soon be seeing my two grands who live here and I will be on Granny duty. Aren't we lucky?

  21. My goodness 20 h flight and waiting just to go one day back ?? what a progress, lol ! I see you play very nice your Grandma role ! At that age they really become interesting when they start to speak ! He is a cute little boy !