Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We had a Hoover clothes dryer and it has lasted for years, I bought it to dry nappies back in the seventies and it just kept going until a few months ago and I had to get the switch replaced. It cost a fortune to have the repair man come to fix it.

Last week the door catch broke and we decided it was going to cost nearly as much to get it fixed as to buy a new one.  We realised that the poor old Hoover had passed its use by date so off we went and looked at all the space age models and especially the Hoovers but they were all too big and expensive.

Since there are only the two of us we only needed a small, simple one as I only use it for undies and towels. So we ended up getting a Fisher and Paykel. Our daughter has one and she says that it is good.

In case you are wondering why the car is parked in the laundry, it is because the laundry is in the garage. This suits me because it is down stairs and close to the washing line.

Can you believe this. The man is actually reading the instructions.


  1. Made me grin when I saw BB doing that - what my son calls RTFM. I don't have a dryer at home at all ... either dry on the frame outside or bring it inside ... did you at all consider the cost of electricity in this purchase and the shhh ... shhh ... that GBNT ...

  2. I have been waiting for hubbie to put up the clothes line that got dismantled during the extension ... umm ... maybe 8 years ago. And yes I do recognise it is costing money now electricity is so expensive but truly our weather is mostly awful for drying clothes outside.

    Fascinating how some appliances last for ever. Our microwave is over 30 years old. And our hot water system is still chugging on after more than 20 years .. they are supposed to die after 10.

  3. I hear you about the cost of spare parts! We used masking tape for many months rather than spend a fortune on a door catch.

    We thought our machine was on the way out in Cairns, and I threatened it with going to the tip. Since then, it hasn't given me any grief (touch wood!)

    I do have to replace the fine mesh lint catcher every couple of years. $34 would you believe, for a bit of gauze!

    I think Bill was only pretending to read those instructions (R.T.F.M. and all that!)

  4. i can hardly type because i am in shock at the sight of a man reading the instructions first. ha ha.
    wow on the lasting power of the hoover. we don't have those here, hoover is a vacuum. i dry everything in the dryer, so it would not work for me. no clothes lines here at all. when my boys were babies and both in diapers, i lived in cold country and had to hang out cloth diapers, they would freeze as did all the clothes. when i finally got a dryer, i did away with all cloths lines. congrats on your new dryer and i hope it last as long as the other one did.

  5. LOL!!! A guy reading the instructions? that doesn't happen at my house. That has to be a posed picture. :-) My washer and dryer are downstairs, near the door to the walkout basement. IF we had a line, it would be easy to step outside to hang the clothes. But, there are a lot of neighborhoods here in the USA that have written rules which prohibit clotheslines. Something about bringing property values down... just ridiculous.

  6. I'm sorry to hear that your Hoover had to be replaced. Thanks for showing a man reading the instructions. I always do, in spite of the lore about men never doing that.
    By the way, you might be interested to know that my parents are still using a refrigerator they bought shortly after their wedding -- in 1940!

  7. I have a husband who always reads the instructions. When I don't know something and ask him, he always replies, did you read the instructions? My answer is you did, did you, that's why I ask you!

  8. Amazing photo of that rare bird...the male reading instructions! might want to call the news media so that can put it on TV! I've been trying to convince my hubby that our laundry would be better suited in the garage (it's currently upstairs near the bedrooms). I thought I've love it there, but not so much!!

  9. Hmmmm--we have a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner--but I've never heard of a Hoover Washing Machine... GEE--yours lasted a long time... That is SUPER... Glad you found one that you like..

    What are nappies???? Pajamas????

    I laughed when you said that your sweetie was actually reading the directions... Men don't like to do that much, do they?????? ha ha


  10. Betsy!

    Watch your tongue. ha ha! Men do read instructions, but we do it quietly. It is a secret men's business, read carefully and then masterfully do it all in front of dear wife and completely astound her or the other, blow the two of you up! Quite simple - ask George.
    In case Diane doesn't tell you, nappies are things that are put around the bums of babies for reasons we all know why!!!!
    Pjyamas are articles of clothing that some people still wear to bed - good in case of a fire. Naked people in the street are still frowned upon by the law.
    Great blog Diane, full of good women talk!
    Colin (HB)

  11. i always say it's very unaustralian to read instructions but i'm (half) joking. :) hope it lasts as long as the old one. not a bad run. :)

  12. ha ha! I had to laugh at that one. My GP seldom reads instructions. Hope your new clothes dryer is a winner!

  13. Oh isn't your husband wonderful to read the instructions. I only read the instructions when I can't work things out :)
    Well some good drying in the dryer now, there will be no excuses.

  14. My goodness that thing lasted so long ?? It is an antique ! Usually all machines are built now for lasting 10 years and repairing is more expensive than new once. On top the electricity and water consumption is far less with new models.My first dryer lasted 15 years, then we had one for 10 and now I am at the third. It is not allowed to hang laundry in the gardens in our area apparently it spoils the view !

  15. They don't build things like they used to... but hope you get good service from your new one. I'm not only amazed at Bill reading instructions but at how neat and clean your garage is!!

  16. Those are different brands from over here (we have Hoover vacuum cleaners but that's all)...still, if its anything like here, I bet the new dryer doesn't last that long!

    That was like losing an old friend!!

  17. Reading the instructions?? Wow..that's an amazing photo..I need to show that to Mr. B!! LOL

    THe machines look to be a perfect size..and I'd say the Hoover had a good long life..from nappies to grandparenthood :-)

  18. Enjoy your new toy! We could not get through a winter without our tumbledrier as this is our rainy season. Towels and bedding do not dry when it's wet & cold! How did we manage before their advent?

  19. I never read the instructions. And when I can't figure what to do next my wife takes over :-)

  20. So true Ron. I think that happens in a lot of families, usually mine too, that's why this photo is a gem.

  21. Gardenofdaisys is half right. I was reading how to attach the outlet cover. I only read instructions as an absolute last resort. I press buttons, turn knobs, pull levers first and then if nothing works, I reluctantly sit down and read the manual.

  22. Wow, I want appliances that last for that many years - almost unbelievable. Then I read George's comment about the refrigerator his parents own. I must have gotten a lot of lemons in my time. :)
    You garage is so clean and neat!

  23. Yay, new dryer!!

    I know it's not something that people get excited about. But when we moved in to our house a couple of years ago, we inherited some old fittings. We never realised how great new ones are, until we replaced our dishwasher. We can now watch tv and wash the dishes as well, because it's really quiet. We still got an old dryer. We cannot dry and watch tv... Someday we get to buy a new one!