Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Photo by Pru
 Our beautiful daughter, Sonya, her handsome man and the most gorgeous grandson in the world left today to live in LA, USA. (I'm not biased am I?)

 They are five hours into their 13 hour flight as I write this.

 Last December was the last time we cuddled Fox. Grandma and Grossvati will miss you.

Aunty Carol and Uncle David will miss you.

Bye, bye, beautiful blue eyed boy.

In Jan 2010 our eldest daughter came home to live after living many years in London

This is the most recent photo, taken only last weekend.
 We have enjoyed having them both in Australia for the last 13 months but now the other one has gone.
(booh hoo snivel snivel pass the tissues)  


  1. Our kids, always coming and going, eh? Now it will be Skype to the rescue.
    My son and grandson also live in LA. My daughter and her family in Sydney.
    So I know how you are feeling today.
    Shalom to you.

  2. Yes, very sad. Thank heavens for Skype! And of course w'll see them in June.

  3. Oh, Diane! I can empathise fully with how you are feeling...please allow me to give you a great, big hug!

    I am fortunate in that both of our children live in Cape Town and we are close enough to see them fairly regularly. I know this may not always be the case, so for now, I'm counting my blessings. But everyone else in our families, both on my husband's side and mine, left SA a long, long time ago and live scattered all over the world.

    The very hardest for me was when my parents emigrated to the UK, while our children were still young (10 and 12 years old at the time and totally devoted to their grandparents...it was wrenching, not unlike a double death in the family!)

    Fortunately, since then, technology has given us SKYPE, cellphone smses, scanners, digital photography and email (instantaneous contact restored!) and we are able to keep in touch a lot more easily than having to rely solely on costly,long-distance phonecalls and letters!

    I know it's NOT the same, but it does make a big difference!!!

    Des xoxo

  4. Hmmm... does this mean you two will get to make the trip to LA to visit? You can add the trip to your list of Adventures. Fox really is a beautiful boy!

  5. Clear that their own children and grandchildren are the finest in the world. How else would it be?
    I understand that it feels heavy to have the loved one you have so far. lucky to have computer and Skype, where you can hang out every day
    My son and daughter lives just an hour away (we have new highway)
    but do not meet very often. They are busy living their lives .....
    Gets a little wet in my eyes when I read your post-
    Many hugs

  6. I feel for you Diane and Bill and know how you feel. It feels like since forever that we've been seperated from our grown children and their children. As Desiree says: technology can help a lot and perhaps you are going over to LA sometime? I love the last photo and NO you're not biased: all your "children" are beautiful. A big hug for to help ease the sadness. Jo

  7. No! you're not biased - he is utterly gorgeous - I would be snivelling too.
    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  8. Thank you all for your understanding and hugs. Yes Skype will be treasured and yes we are organising a trip to USA.

  9. Goodby to your beautiful family Diane. Would not have thought there was any bias; each family member stunning!
    Look forward to learning how things are going for them and, of course, to see photos of Fox as he grows.

  10. I really feel for you. I want my kids to go off and be happy and succesful into the big wide world, but I'm happiest when we are all under one roof. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (thought you might need a few more).

  11. Before reading some of the comments....
    SKYPE was on my lips.
    What a wonderful and loving family you have!
    I am sure you will meet up soon.

    Greetings from Gunn / Stavanger / Norway.

  12. I'll keep an eye on them for you. It's only half a day over there. I'm SURE I can spot that adorable Fox in all the millions in the LA area.

    Wouldn't THAT be funny if it happened. I go to LA but then I go north to Ojai when I find the 101 to visit my cousin. Haven't been there in over a year now.

    IT'S HER TURN! :)

  13. Oh I know it must have been heart wrenching to tell them goodby. What a beautiful boy he is. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    Thanks for saying hello on my blog today. Come back anytime!

  14. I really wish them all the best and don't be too sad, with Internet, Skype etc the world has become so small. When I talk to my son and see little Toby I think I am with them in their living room !

  15. Oh so sad, you have one grandson and now he is so far away. I feel for you. I remember me standing on the airport waving to my daughter who always went far away on her own for at least 3 times starting at 18 years old. But I survived and I am sure you will too.

  16. Diane, your grandson is just adorable. The last shot is great too.. How long will they be in LA? When you do go to visit, there are lots of wonderful places to see in California. I wish your daughter and her new family all the best of luck.

  17. I share your sadness. Although both of my children are in the U. S. it has been a year since I have seen them or my grandchildren.
    But I'm glad you had 13 months in which you had both of your daughters in the same country and I hope you will soon have both of them back near you.

  18. I have tears. I don't know what I'd do if my kids and grandkids were so far away that I couldn't visit often.
    Your family is lovely Diane. I hope it won't be so long before you see these three once again.
    Fox in his little hat is so cute and precious.
    I wish them all the best in this stage of their lives.

  19. Oh Diane, I know you are sad!!! After having 3 sons, my first grand was a GIRL... I was so excited and loved her more than life itself. When she was 8 months old, my son took his family and moved!!!! That about broke my heart... SO--I know what you are going through...

    BUT--JUNE will be here quickly...

  20. Um....you might be biases. And I totally approve (although I have The Most Beautiful Grandson in The World!). I empathize with you. Two (almost three) of my six grandbabies live in California. I hardly ever get to see them. I miss them all the time. I understand. Passing the tissues.

  21. You'll miss them, but its a really good excuse to travel and the $ is high right now.

    REally like the new blog layout, esp the header photo.

  22. Lovely photos, and beautiful people all of them :)
    Yes, of course you will miss them. I know I cried what seemed for a long time at the airport (comforted by my eldest son) when my youngest son, his partner and our 2 little grandchildren flew off to live in Queensland. One was aged 2-1/2 the other only baby in arms.
    That is life, and as I read you will visit them soon.

  23. Big [[[hugs]]] Di:( Hopefully you will soon be winging your way to LA♥ Gorgeous photos xxx

  24. Now, you just gotta plan to be in LA a few weeks/months every year. And yes, he is a cute little guy!

  25. Oh, you will be sad, of course - but we give them roots and wings and that's how it should be. It would be more sad to have daughters who were too scared (for whatever reason) to move away.

  26. Diane, no you are not biased, family is always the best. Truly it is a very handsome family! The baby is gorgeous. Sad to see them go, hope they will be fine in LA. It is not far, only a plane ride away!

  27. Would he be acting in movies like his dad?

  28. i feel for you Diane. chin up. :) i'm sure you'll get to see them soon. great photos as usual.

  29. A very touching post. You have a lovely family Diane and a very beautiful and most adorable grandson. The world is getting smaller and I am sure you'll be visiting the US often.

  30. I wish Sonya and Bernie the best of luck in LA! Fox will enjoy being where ever his parents are :) It's hard to be far away from a grandchild--I know that all too well --I'm glad you'll be able to visit him soon!