Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Yeah! My football (soccer) team (not really mine but the one that I support) has reached the finals. It is The Roar and yes their shirts are orange. They wear orange because when the team first originated it was called Hollandia as many of the players were dutch immigrants and they took on the Netherlands' colour orange. Later they were called the Brisbane Strikers and now The Roar.

The A-League finals are on Sunday and all the people of Brisbane have been encouraged to wear orange.

There will be lots of orange supporters. The team wear maroon shorts as that is Queensland's colours.

Brisbane is very proud because the stadium was flooded in January but the groundsmen have worked a miracle to have the pitch ready.

It has been voted the best pitch in the country. The change rooms and other facilities are still damaged but temporary ones have been made in the underground car park.

The Roar have a new coach this season and he has turned around a team that was on the bottom of the ladder last season to being the top team this season and they won the minor premier's plate.

Mat Mackay is the captain. Here he is playing against The Central Coast Mariners the same team they have to play against in the finals.

Ange Postecoglou won coach of the year award.

The Roar have made an incredible turn around from last season. They hold the Australian all football codes record of being unbeaten in 27 consecutive games.

I am not over confident that they will win. The Mariners are a very good team, but I sure hope they do. We won't be going to the match because we were invited to a dinner party especially for Bill, before we knew if my team had progressed to the finals.



  1. Although I can't stand football, and my men neither, I would give you my orange wig with pleasure ! It's your fault that you don't live around the corner !!

  2. Diane, good luck to your team ROAR in the finals. I'm sure you will be there supporting them wearing your orange.

  3. Warning to all!
    Block your ears - you will HEAR Diane "roaring" from Daisy Hill, Brisbane. I am now off to get my ear plugs and I do have orange attire to wear tomorrow, just to make my "mate" Diane, happy.
    GO THE ROAR!!!
    Colin (HB)

  4. *grin*

    Okay so you and Colin will be in orange. What will BB be dressed in?

    Is that a clash: orange and maroon?

    Did The Roar pay a fee to HOlden for knicking their logo?

    Who voted it the best pitch in Australia? Ah no ... you say 'in the country' ... gave yourself some wriggle room there.

    Okay okay ... go Roar!!

  5. Wow Diane, You and I certainly have something in common. My football team here is the Tennessee Volunteers (University of Tennessee). AND their colors are ORANGE and white... How 'bout that???? The only difference is that your team seems to know how to win --and mine doesn't... ha ha

    We had a wonderful week in Georgia--but it's nice to get home.

  6. Hope they continue to do good and make you please to support them.

  7. Not sure from this post if you are going to the game Di? If so have a great time and GO THE ROAR:) xx

  8. Thanks Manchester Lass, I have now added that I can't go to the match due to a previous engagement. I will be watching it on TV when we get home.

  9. CERTAINLY hope they win it, Diane.
    They are in serious financial difficulties, the Roar, and maybe they won't be around in 2012.

    The A-League has drawn rapidly decreasing crowd numbers this season after the initial splurge of interest when it first kicked off.

    And Ange P. has been rumoured to be in line to coach one of the 2 Melbourne teams. Let's hope he goes out in style for the BrisVegas faithful!!

  10. Hi Diane, you are really up to date! When it comes to soccer, rugby or whatever needs something round to kick around I am out of my depth. I appreciate your enthusiasm and the fun you have; go Aussi this the slogan?

  11. Funny to see all the dutch things. Orange is still the dutch football colour and the Lion too. There is a song they are singing in the stadium. "Hup Holland hup, don't let the lion stand in his shirt".
    Have a good match.

  12. Wow. That is an impressive face lift.

  13. Hi Diane! Just finished seeing Bayern v. Hamburg on TV. 6-0!!! Probably not the result you're going to get... ;))

    Matisse and Chagall: what a ticket... ;) Confirm it at Blogtrotter Two... Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

  14. Diane
    It is Sunday!!! Are you in your pretty orange dress yet?? Are the streamers all up? Has Bill prepaid a post match feast? Is the wine chilled? Do you have your throat tablets to restore your vocal chords after the game? Must be fully prepared. I have my ORANGE shirt on and look like a bloody orange with two legs!!! Not real sure if I will venture outside!!
    Good luck

  15. Ooops!
    "Prepared a post match feast" - not prepaid - I doubt if this match will end up with you having a catering service??????

  16. Oh my! I can hear the roar from here. Go Orange!!Go the Roar!!

  17. hi Diane, i don't support any teams but must say it's wonderful to see the stadium looking so good after the floods. it's the human spirit shining through. :)

  18. Congratulations to the Roar. Let's hope they let out a big roar in the finals. Go Orange!