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Saturday, March 26, 2011


I am retired but occasionally I get offered a short contract to teach children who are having difficulties with Literacy and Numeracy. I have been working for the last seven weeks.  However, the contract has finished and I'm now freeeeeeeee again.

I was at a different school to the one I last taught at for 17 years. It was interesting to see how things are done differently and how education is changing with technology since I finished full time teaching.

I was at Robertson State School (Primary School, Elementary School). At the moment they are having a new Resource Centre (Library) built and there was a little chaos teaching in a construction site.

One of the Year Five classes all had to have their own laptop. I guess in the future there won't be any book lists, it will be a laptop or an ipad instead. It's a far cry from the slate in early days.

It was interesting watching the kids doing their lessons on their laptops. The parents have given consent for kids to be photographed but I still prefer to keep their faces blurred. I stopped using the flash on my point and shoot so as not to disturb them, so the pics are not the best.

 There is a teacher and teacher aide in the class. The teacher is sitting, helping a group centre left. The aide is centre right.

 This is a temporary classroom while the construction is in progress.

Every class has an interactive whiteboard. I have seen some amazing lessons done with this technology.


  1. Hi Diane - at least they don't have to lug that heavy bag of books to and fro school.

  2. I too am finding it hard to keep up at the moment. I just want a rest!

  3. Things are changing so fast it boggles the mind. I'm just getting over realizing newspapers are a thing of the past and then I am faced with books as a whole probably going the same route. I think it's so sad. And we all have to keep up with it or it will tromple us and we'll be left in the dust. Incredible times we live in.

  4. Yes, times change ! Fortunately I can handle a computer, other grandmas are sooo "stupid" in the eyes of their grandchildren. Here too, pupils use laptops and all schools are equipped with computers.
    We have to go with the time !

  5. i love my lap top and my desk top and use the computer for everything from paying 100 percent of my bills to chat rooms for questions on accounts. but i have to say i think this is not good because they will not no how to look something up in a book or find a phone number or even know how to write on a piece of paper. this should be in additon to the old ways. i am thinking this is just one of thier classes? some people say it will not matter because they will not need the skils. but computers crash and energy power goes down, and computers do not work without electric. this is a great post

  6. These most certainly are privileged I'm comparing with the schooling and facilities of the majority of underprivilged and impoverished children attending schools in Africa...facilities such as these aren't even a dream for them!

    Enjoy your reclaimed freedom, Diane :)

  7. That is very nice to have a view in your former work and see all the changes. I hope all the technology is an improvement for education. Here people are complaining that children have a lack of knowledge when they leave school.

  8. Times are changing, I like the idea of using the ipads now. The bookbags were too heavy for the kids to carry home. I guess filling in and helping out keeps you on your toes too. Great post.

  9. Wow, that is so different to my days at school. Believe it or not, here in our remote valley in Kenya, the children have computers. Not laptops, only desktops and they only use them for computer studies. Thanks for your kind words on my green thumb. Have a great weekend. Jo

  10. Technology is changing quickly and the way we process information is changing with it. The last few books I've purchased have been e-books that I read on my iPad. But it's good to see schools using the new technology.

  11. Gee whiz, school is a lot different to when I was there. Those laptops look fun.
    I'll post some holiday photos as soon as I can, it's a bit of a juggling act at the moment trying to catch up, not to mention having to sort through three and a half thousand photos!

  12. The technology just keeps getting more amazing!
    When I left almost four years ago the school I was in had about six white boards and more on order.
    They were in the process of getting a cart of laptops that could be checked out. I can only imagine what my old computer room looks like these days.
    My sister-in-law was telling me about a school here that the kids could take the computers home.

  13. Now there's a thought....will my grandchildren be doing their schoolwork on iPads?

  14. Interesting comments.
    This new technology, I believe, is NOT improving education.
    1. Kids seem these days to lug bigger bags to school!
    2. Kids can't spell.
    3. Kids can't add up, subtract, multiply or divide without a calculator ( for evidence see the young ones at check-out counters).
    4. This new system of education leads to playground "bullying" on face-book or whatever it is called - "cyber bullies" - with on occasions terrible results.
    5. Cameras are used to place brawls in playgrounds and sent all over the place! Wonderful entertainment for the kids to view.
    6.Who monitors all these computers in the classroom??
    7. See second last photo - looking at pretty dogs!!!!!
    8. Note carefully the way kids these days maul a pen or pencil to write anything!

    No the system is breeding a new race. Thankfully I am too old to care anymore. I have worked with some of these so-called computer whiz kids - they were ignorant, arrogant, impolite and the worst of all - completely out of touch with reality!
    I know Diane will have a fit over this, but this is what I believe.

  15. You know I wouldn't agree with you Colin but you are entitled to your opinion but it just makes you sound like an old staid member of the community.
    By the way the pretty dogs were a stimulus for a writing lesson on persuasive text.

  16. Fantastic to see how development has progressed. Young people today are of course grown up with computers, unlike our generation. I was over 60 when we got our first computer, and my partner's grandchildren may help me sometimes.
    I think you enjoyed being back in school, even if it was for a short time.
    Being a pensioner feels much more comfortable afterwards.

  17. Hi Diane! Great advantages of new tech... It must have been a thrilling experience to get back to work...

    Blogtrotter Two is leaving the Côte d’Azur 2010; but it has a beautiful spot for you... Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead!!

  18. Technology wow! The paper tells us that one district here near us in Florida is going to issue every student a Kindle and all textbooks will be on it. Scares me a little (though I love my own) I can't imagine kids not having books.

    It's a brave new world!

    The district (and the kids) are lucky to be able to call on you.

  19. Diane it's good that you keep your foot in the pie:)
    Plus it would be something different to do and keep you in touch with the youth of today.
    You to me used your good sense to keep those children's faces private.