Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Our friend Colin gave Bill  a bottle of wine for his birthday. When Bill saw the label he was very chuffed as it was his favourite French wine.
Chateauneuf du Pape
It is rather expensive and Bill thought it would be a nice idea to share it with Colin so we invited him over for lunch yesterday.

Bill made a Caesar Salad with chicken and.....

Peach Pie which we ate before remembering to take a photo.

Toasting the tripod. Colin is checking out our itinerary for our visit to USA in June. It was good to see Bill enjoying the wine as he doesn't drink red wine very often any more as it gives him AF (Atrial Fibrillation). Funny thing is, he didn't get it after this wine. That's how good it is. Another good thing about the day was that it was cooler, we didn't need the air conditioning. It would have been nice outside on the deck but it was a bit too wet. Yes it is raining in Queensland again with more cyclones predicted.


  1. I can see the soft egg yoke. Since watching Masterchef, I pay more attention to food, not that I am a careful cave.

    I hope your friend will have a great time here. Are they coming on a cruise>

  2. Well Diane, the Popes, that is the naughty ones did know where to establish their "Avignon" Vatican, even if it was the 14th century.
    Thus the reason why Bill enjoys that wine and has no after effects - it has a Papal blessing.
    Pity it didn't work the same way with me - I never got to sleep until after 2.00am!!! Then out like a light - yes, the Vatican and Avignon has strange ways of influence!
    I wonder how many bottles of "Chateauneuf du Pape" are in the now centre of the Catholic Church, the Vatican in Rome???
    Great to impress visiting "dignitaries"!!!!
    Maybe we should go and see if Benedict XVI, former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger will let us loose in the cellars?? Or will he release his "Rottweiler" on us, well he was known by that name.
    Just joking of course, or am I?????
    Great lunch and great company, many thanks.
    Col (HB)

  3. Ann,
    No my friends are flying to NZ and then going by coach and train. They cross from North to South on the ferry.

  4. Thanks again Colin, for the bottle of 'Nectar for the gods'. It really is a very good drop.

  5. What a perfect lunch! And, with the wine blessed by the Pope...what more could you have wished for?

    Happy planning for your trip to LA :)

  6. I think I wished Bill before the day but not sure: so Happy Birthday again, Bill. What a lovely salad and yummy pie. Lovely get-together!

  7. Nothing better than a 'good drop' shared with friend(s)
    Food looks excellent! A first class restaurant meal Diane all done with love at home.
    Belated birthday wishes to Bill

  8. Just how many times is Bill celebrating his birthday???? You can call a halt to all this celebrating NOW, Bill. AJ

  9. Chez: Bill was the chef. I can't take the honours.
    AJ: It was a late Birthday present and so what if he celebrates more than once, we don't have a lot of birthdays left so we should make the most of them.

  10. Lovely bottle of wine, sure hope you all enjoyed it - bet you did :)
    Keep dry if you can.
    Thanks for lovely comment on my blog :)

  11. I'm not much of a wine drinker, so I'm not familiar with this wine. But the lunch looks absolutely delicious. I'm glad you all had a wonderful time.

  12. If I would have known I would have taken my private jet and join in !
    Too bad that it was just broken !

  13. A lovely gift to go with that lovely meal.

  14. A good wine is like an angel pee on your tongue. This is a dutch expression, maybe not so good translated. But I mean I love a good wine too.

  15. Oh how neat.... I'm so glad to have a picture of the 3 of you...Tell Colin to SMILE next time.. That tripod was a beauty I'm sure and was begging for a smile from him... ha ha (He'll get me for this one!!)

    Your lunch sounds great --but why didn't you serve him some of that 'erotic strange concoction' you all had at the other party???? I would have loved to have seen his face... ha ha

    WELL--that was a wonderful birthday present, Bill, and I'm glad you shared it with Colin...


  16. Hi Diane! Happy belated Birthday to Bill! I'm glad he got the wine he loves... ;)

    Nice is nice, don’t you agree? Check it at Blogtrotter Two... Enjoy and have a great week!!

  17. Yummy lunch! I will have to tell (my) Bill that the reason he can't drink red wine anymore is maybe because he hadn't been drinking the more expensive stuff. (Oh wait, maybe I won't after all. ;>))

    Glad (and somehow not a bit surprised) that you're planning a US trip.

  18. What a coincidence! When my partner for more than 10 years ago, had been climbing in France, he brought with him a beautiful wooden box with 3 pieces. of that particular wine.
    Wooden box is still there, but not the wine!
    The salad and the pie looks lovely.
    Hope you can handle you from the cyclone. I think you've had enough of the storm now ....

  19. Wow, Bill is a good cook! To the states in June - Yay!

  20. Cheers, Prosit and happy birthday to Bill. The food looks delicious; Is Bill the Masterchef? All the best for both of you.

  21. Beautiful Wine Label Diane! I'd love to see those Illuminated Capitals close up.

    Happy 21st to Bill!

    Stay dry over there...

  22. Titania: Yes Bill is the masterchef in this household.

  23. You can't beat friendship shared over a glass of good wine. Pity about the awful weather you're having over there. I thought it was supposed to be summer!

  24. I like the idea of toasting the tripod ... however ... it appears to me that the three of you are toasting moi ... so I thank you. Now I know the yardstick for measuring the quality of a French Red .. the AF test ... onya BB

  25. Mmmm..the salad and the pie look amazing. Sadly, I don't drink wine..never found one I thought was to my I gave up. So glad you enjoyed yours!

  26. Now that is a great use of a tripod! :)
    I say celebrate every day!!!