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Friday, October 1, 2010

SKAGWAY-(Part 22)

On the way back to the ship from The White Pass Rail trip we stopped by an old gold mining camp museum. The miners rested here before their trek over the White Pass on their way to the Yukon Goldfields 600 miles away. (Before the railway was built)
The Brothel and Smithy

We were entertained by the local musicians and offered warm cider, a biscuit and a sit by the campfire.

We were taught how to pan for gold and everyone found some (imported from California)

The main street of Skagway is right next to the wharf so it is not far to walk. It is a small town with 800 residents. When cruise ships arrive the population increases to 10 000, amazingly the town can handle it. The street is lined with tourist shops mainly selling jewellery.

The town was developed in the gold rush days of 1897 and 1900 and it was filled with the drama of the lawless and rough. See the ladies upstairs plying their services.

The buildings and town haven't changed very much since then but the cliental certainly has.

After an exciting day it was time to set sail.

We bumped into some wildlife on the dock.


  1. Hmmmmmmm!
    "The Red Onion" looked interesting.
    Was BB within your sight all the time?
    The "tent" temple of pleasure would have been a bit cold in the winter periods. Tell BB that I think there is a "Red Onion" place at Nundah!!!!!!
    Colin (HB)

  2. I reckon I would love living in a town like that, that is, as long as there is indoor plumbing.

    I hope the moose was friendly, I hear they can be quite unpredictable.

    About my post, did you see these posts?

    They have pics of her all dolled up and ready to go. I can always take more tho, he he.

  3. Absolutely amazing! Thanks Diane... and Bill for his handywork

  4. I'm finding it harder to keep up my blog visits at the moment ... nodd off to sleep as soon as I get home every night. But it's a long weekend this weekend and I have enjoyed the opportunity to catch up on this fabulous trip.

  5. Now I can handle the wildlife you encountered...too funny!!! But, seriously, Diane, I loved each post on this adventure of yours so far...this historical value alone brings me back, and the photos are such an added plus!!

  6. Love it, that they basically, haven't let the look of the town change.

    Amazing Header pic, btw.

    Thank you so much! For more tips on use of this New Blogger Editor! I'm printing them out, as sweet people give them to me. Then I can refer back, when "the ol' brain" gets frazzled and I "forget" how to do, this or that.

    Actually, I've been "writing instructions down," ever since I got a computer, years ago. Lovely people have helped me, all along the way. And I love to pass on info, when I can. :-)

    You asked if my husband makes his wooden toys, for sale. Actually, he doesn't like to have a paid project going. He always has so many different projects going, for family & friends, that he hates the feeling of a paid project, hanging over his head. If this makes sense.

    Now I'm sure that if he got into making some wooden toy, just for fun, and it had no home to go to, I could post it on my blog and if someone wanted it, we could talk about it. :-)

    I know... That's an answer that's of no use at all! ,-) But thank you for asking it.

    Gentle hugs...

  7. I would like to workmin the Red Onion - downstairs of course!! Great posts - the railtrack looks sooooooo scarey. xx

  8. What a great picture of you and Bill. Oh, and that other animal. :)

    Looks like you had good weather for Scagway.

  9. I can always be assured of a wonderful visit here Diane. Great photos as always. I am enjoying your great adventure to the northwest.
    An English Girl Rambles

  10. These old gold mines have such a romantic touch ! We had seen one in the States and also ghost towns because of the gold rush ! What a cute little town !

  11. Hi Diane, I figured that Colin would key in on the "Red Onion"... ha ha

    Great bunch of pictures. Loved it that you all got a piece of GOLD to take home.... ha.... Imported from CA??????? Tee Hee

    Love that last picture of you two....

  12. Picturesque town with all the bright colored buildings. Fun to see a little snippet of what life was like for those miners.
    Makes me think of the sourdough poems my dad had me learn when I was just a wee girl. (sourdoughs- nickname for the gold miners, because that was the kind of bread they ate.)

  13. Fun little sidetrip -- you kind of needed a little break from the magnificent at this point I imagine! Anyway, I like stuff like this.

    There are moose here in Maine (where we are now) but the only kind we've seen are pretty similar to the one you two are standing with.

  14. That looks a lovely old town - so full of history.

  15. What an unusual town in "iceland". You and Bill look lovely with the "wildlife" and outshone your companion, with your big smiles.