Burleigh Heads Beach, Queensland, Australia

Saturday, October 23, 2010


A reunion one day and a birthday party the next. That is how it was when we were on the coast last weekend. Our good friend, Lyn, turned the big Six O. Lyn is married to Ben, who migrated with Bill from Switzerland back in 1967. Even though the boys went their separate ways after a while, they both ended up marrying Aussie girls and remaining in contact.
Ben and Lyn organised a BBQ in the Community Recreational room and swimming pool area in their estate. There were many friends and relations. 

Lyn with some of her grandchildren.
I wanted to practice taking portraits as I am not happy with most of my people shots. So here goes.

Lyn's mum is doing well in her nineties.







An old mate........heheheheh 
(Ouch I'm gonna be in trouble)

We had a feast of steak, sausages, rissoles. salads, cheeses, nibblies and cakes.


  1. I liked your portraits. My Dad always took wonderful closeups while I tend to try for the top to bottom look and in comparing my photos to his - the closeups always win. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Happy birthday to Lyn. I love the portrait of her mum and my FAVE is your photo your ole mate! Amazing how alike Ben and Bill are. Great party. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love your photos. People are interesting. I will not allow my body/face to be photographed under any circumstance. But I admire those who do.

  4. These portraits are a great start! I especially like the top one and the colleague down the middle.

  5. Portraits are hard, especially candids. I think you've done admirably here. They all look natural and relaxed.

  6. Your portraits look great, Diane, but I do know what you mean by not always turning out just right-I have had the same problem. LOVE the last one!!!


  7. You done well, girl!

    So ... the better ones have the light falling just so ... the less gooder ones have a bland lighting ... the better ones give space in the direction that the person is looking ... the less gooder ones cut them off at the nose ...

    This is the go with portraits .. you have to practice ... and you MUST be patient.

    CLoseups win every time, in my opinion.

  8. Thsat's a funny shot of Dad! Baaa hahahaha