Burleigh Heads Beach, Queensland, Australia

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Friends asked us to spend a few days with them in their rented holiday apartment at Rainbow Bay, which is a beach at the southern end of the Gold Coast near the border of NSW.
We had a great view from the 14th floor, looking north towards Surfer's Paradise.

It was cold and windy, as a winter's day returned to interrupt our Spring. The wind flattened the surf and the surfers are forever sitting and waiting for a good wave.

They were having fun so we went down......

...to get a closer look.

This area is called Snapper Rocks and the dare devil surfers jump off the rocks and paddle out to behind the rollers. These fellows are trying to pluck up the courage.

Some more come to give support. (C'mon jump I want a photo!)

They are taking a long time to decide..

..in the end they think better of it...maybe next time.


  1. Hello Diane - Thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought since I'm awake early I would cruise with you north to Alaska. I had enjoyed your visit to Victoria once before and always meant to come back and see your pictures of the cruise. I remember parts 1,2 and 3 worked fine when I clicked on them but on part 4 and from then on a click produces this message "Page not found Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Adventure Before Dementia does not exist. I just clicked on the Athabasca Glacier post and it works but many of the others don't. Thought you would like to know. I sure enjoyed reading your favorite things list!

  2. Gee, surfing looks even more dangerous on that sea near those rocks.

  3. Wow, that looks dangerous. I'm half sorry they didn't jump as I was looking forward to your photos. In His service, Jo

  4. Some big wave there. Pretty though.

  5. Diane, looks like you managed to avoid the weather that has been causing problems the past week or so.
    Seas look a little rough though.

  6. I do not blame those surfers for refusing to give you a photo op!

    Gorgeous pictures. And here I was afraid you'd have nothing to blog about after your Alaska trip! (Just kidding -- I love your blog whatever you're posting about!)

  7. Exceedingly dangerous stunt to be jumping between waves off those rocks. Still it is a "ritual" for the surfing fraternity. One rouge wave and they end up cut to pieces on the rocks! Many an inexperienced tourist has tried and found out the hard way!
    I think those young fellows made a wise decision to give it a "miss".
    Great photography.
    Colin (HB)

  8. Those are huge waves, better that they didn't jump with the rocks so nearby. You could have snapped a horrible photo.

  9. OHHHHH---glad those surfers decided against jumping off of those rocks... Yipes!!!!! Looks VERY dangerous....

    Beautiful place though ---and I'm glad you all got the invitation to join friends at Rainbow Bay.

    Thanks for sharing, Diane.

  10. They are just fabulous shots of the waves smashing against those rocks - awesome power!

    And congratulations on your gorgeous family being on the telly Friday night!

    I was walking past the tv and heard the name "FOX" - I knew who they were instantly. You and Bill must be so proud!

  11. A great wiew but it seems a dangerous place for surfers... great waves to look at anyway

  12. What a beautiful view from your friend's apartment! The surf looked quite rough that day so I'm glad the surfers reconsidered.

  13. Wow ! what huge waves and a beautiful beach ! I am now here in Egypt and we have wonderful weather 35° the beach is nice the water warm at least 25° the food excellent and people nice !
    Even Internet works now !

  14. Cool photos of the surfers, Diane. I am glad the surfers did not take a chance goin in near those rock, it looks dangerous. The wave photos are awesome.

  15. Sorry you missed that GREAT shot, maybe next time.
    Knowing that it was cold, it LOOKS cold.

  16. Beautiful views of the place. People are having great fun in water. Great.

  17. Hi Diane,

    Came via Titania's post .

    Tonight, I watched on our news, there is this place in inner Australia where there is a gigantic lake, and there are all sorts of animals and birds.

    Lake Eyre, the largest ephemeral lake in the world. For the first time in decades this massive salt lake basin is now full of water. Floods from the north and rain from above have given birth to spectacular wild life in the middle of the desert and through tourism, the lake is providing welcome economic benefits to surrounding towns.

    One such town is Coober Pedy

    This is just so fantastic.

    Your phoptos reminded me of my 5 glorious week on the Gold coast in January. I wish I am going again, as my niece is getting married, but I have school.

  18. They're braver than I would be.

  19. Looks beautiful! But I think the boys were smart not to jump in there. Looks like the waves would have smashed them into the rocks.

  20. GardenofDaisies.
    You hit the nail right on the head!
    The young surfers were obviously "Surf Savvy" and didn't jump - you only have to look at the waves coming in to realise that. One "rouge wave" may have smashed them straight back into those rocks and God only knows what the result would have been.
    I hope you show these photos to your two college kids as a lesson.
    Colin (HB)

  21. As the mum of a daft 15year old boy - I think they did the right thing! They bay looks gorgeous. xx

  22. A wonderful story in photos. Sounds like you have a fun and relaxing visit.

  23. Beautiful photos. I would never be the least bit tempted to try that!

  24. Sensible young men...
    When amongst those high rises there seems to be so many, yet in photos of different views there are not that many.
    Nice view.