Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Monday, October 25, 2010


We have been warned that cyclone season will soon be here and this year many have been predicted. So sensible residents check their yards to make sure there are no dangerous trees, which may fall on a house if there is a cyclone.

Our neighbours (J&K) at the back of our house have such a tree. However, it was right on the border of their land and their neighbour's (L&A). The cost to remove the tree would be about $5000 so there became a little hesitancy for the neighbours L&A to agree to pay half. Besides they liked the tree and didn't think it was dangerous.

At first they weren't convinced that the tree was on their land so a surveyor was contemplated. There were actually two trees together and both had to go to be safe.

After many months and discussions L&J agreed the tree was dying and offered to pay half of the cost of removal.

So the tree loppers were hired and in between showers they managed to get the tree down without damaging power lines, houses, gardens and each other.

Bit by bit it was dropped to the ground and

fed to the noisy mulcher.

Our house is the green roof in the front left hand corner of the photo. We are on the other side of the road, but if that tree had fallen during a storm it would have torn down the power lines and could have possibly hit our roof, so we are glad to see it go. 

It was a lovely tree once but recently it got attacked by termites and was dying. It took them all day to get most of it down.

The following day they had to return to get the biggest part of the trunk down. This looked awfully dangerous. One guy sawing and the others pulling it towards them.

They knew what they were doing and all were safe and no fences damaged. Now we will be safer if a cyclone comes but I hope we don't get one. They don't usually come this far south, but weather hasn't been usual this year.


  1. Oops!
    A very risky business Diane. Pleased there was a successful outcome and an agreement was reached. Interesting that Councils often refuse to give authority for the removal of trees these days.

  2. A job well done ... and I think I would feel a whole lot safer now if I lived in the street.

    This is something we have to do on our property as well. We have two large Cadaghi Gums and a couple of others that we constantly have to monitor ... it's a concern when the cyclones hit! Unfortunately the trees are all on our property so there can be no sharing of expense!!

  3. I know what you mean. Here in the desert, we welcome trees like food to the hungry. So when they cut one down, it's not met with a happy crowd. However. In my yard I have a HUGE tree right outside of the house in front. It gives wonderful shade in the afternoon. But I have concern that when we get one of these powerful windstorms that come occasionally, it will come down. I am surprised it did not do it when that tornado came through Mesa last month. But the HOA will not cut it down. So what the heck. When it does fall and hit my house, they get to pay for the damages. :))

  4. Better safe than sorry. It's tree roots that cause damage round here. (Can't remember the last time we had a cyclone!)

  5. Excellent report, Diane.
    There are a few large, decaying ones in my area also which should be removed for safety reasons. As you point out, the cost of removal is a factor, you would expect that the councils would come to assist or the power companies, after all it is certainly in their interests also.
    Plus my pet "hate", the wretched crows, are able to make their nests in the top branches!
    So as I see it, you get rid of two problems by the removal of the darn, dangerous tree.
    Colin (HB)

  6. It is fascinating to watch tree-loppers work, I agree.

  7. I had to take down a large tree like this from my property a few years ago. I was sad as the tree was there when we bought our house and we looked at it for over 30 years but storms had damaged it and the trunk was beginning to absorb my neighbor's fence, which did make them happy. It was a big and expensive job but the tree trimmers know their work and did it in a day!

    Hope you don't have any cyclones! We have been lucky so far that the hurricane season has not been as bad as predicted.

  8. Trees are wonderful but do cost a fortune to remove. Our neighbours wanted us to remove one on our land but the council refused our application. I can't say I am unhappy about this because I can think of better things to do with $7,000.

  9. Hi Diane, So very nice to meet you thru George and Betsy. Those trees were very tall. It amazes me how skilled the tree cutters are. It is terrible to lose power, so I am glad these trees are no longer a threat and I, too, hope you don't get the bad weather. Wishing you a good day.

  10. We need to have a number of trees taken down or pruned...it is so expensive.

    Diane, when I hit your follower button your blog does not show up, just your name...so I have not been visiting. Has anyone else had this problem?

    Great photographs...I checked them all and especially love the last one of the calm waters from October 21st.

  11. Hi Diane, I am finally back--and trying to begin to catch up with blogs... What a job!!!!

    I did a similar blog several months ago --when the tree people came to our neighbor's home to trim some of their trees.... Those guys do know what they are doing--but it looks like a dangerous job...

    Glad they got that big tree down in your neighborhood...

    Hope your two are doing well... Sorry that you were so sick.... Glad you are better now.

  12. Really enjoyed this photo essay. (I always like to watch other people work, especially when they are experts.) Glad that the neighbors reached consensus on this. (Apart from the cost, it is always hard to lose trees as they become like familiar old friends....and I could carry on this analogy, but don't want to think about it ;>).....

    Even with it gone, I wish you a cyclone free season.

  13. Shame, but it has to be done. A big tree came down in our street a few months ago in the big wind storm. Unfortunately I think it was a wattle. Will find out when everything starts flowering.

    Re the portraits. Ask Julie about 100 Strangers - she talked me into signing up and its how I learnt.

  14. wow it was huge. such a pity it grew so large and was attacked by termites.

  15. That was a tall tree in someones backyard...glad common sense prevailed. I don't know why people let their trees grow so large when they could prune them each year.
    I like trees, but some types of trees are not meant for the backyard in my opinion.

  16. Must be frightning such a storm season, at least you have one worry less.

  17. Must be frightning such a storm season, at least you have one worry less.

  18. That reminds me when we had to cut the wheeping willow in our garden which stood half and half on the borderline with our neighbors and had become enormous. It also was very expensive we had to pay 1200 € ! I don't know the value of Australian $.

    Sunday I fly home into the cold and rain !

  19. Better to be safe! They can plant another smaller tree or shrub to take it's place. We have a tree that has branches too close to our roof, so it's going to have to be cut way back.
    Your neighborhood is so lush and green!

  20. Wow, that is quite a tale! And a wonderful advertisement for Lance's Tree Care too. It was also fun to see a wider shot of your neighborhood...so much green everywhere.

    And, I don't think I've already said how much I love your header photo...what a fabulous portrait of you two.

  21. It's always sad to see trees go (especially when land developers move in and just bulldoze the lot flat!), but when they are diseased, it's the only option.

    Loved your water dragon - such a regal fellow!

  22. $5000! I would have come down there and done it myself for less than that! You know, if I had a chain saw and all that. :~p Wow, glad that didn't fall before they had it cut down, we had a couple of trees fall down and although they never touched
    our house, it could have been bad if they did.