Daisy Hill Forest, Qld, Australia

Thursday, October 7, 2010


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We went to Stanthorpe for a few days. It is a small country town up in the ranges 223 km south west of Brisbane. It was settled by Italian immigrants. It is famous for its wineries and fruit growing, especially apples. It is often cooler up there compared to steamy Brisbane, so it is a good place to visit when it is hot. It also rains a lot there like it did for the 2 days that we visited.
On the way over the ranges at Cunninghams Gap we were held up for 30 mins just standing still and then moved at a snails pace for ages, just as well we weren't in a hurry. Later we passed a huge wide load that took up both sides of the road. It looked like mining machinery. There were 3 prime movers pulling it and 3 more pushing it over the mountain.There was a police escort. It started to rain.

The view from our Motel.

When there was a lull in the rain I went for a walk along the river while Bill stayed in the dry room and read his book.

There were quiet calm spots in the backwaters......

..and raging torrents over the rocky parts.

It had been raining a lot and the water was rising close to this bridge. It was a bit scary in the middle.

On the way back I spied these two girls walking on the railway bridge. I'm hoping its a disused line.
Stanthorpe is a pretty place surrounded by National Parks, granite outcrops and vineyards. It also has one of the best Italian restaurants in Queensland, where we enjoyed dinner on the first night.


  1. MMMMmmmm Italian food - one of my (many!!) faves. I wouldnt have guessed that this was Australia at all. xx

  2. Fantastic view from your motel. Everything looks nice after the rain. Gorgeous reflections.

  3. PS just read one of your older posts about your visit to Yorkshire - Newmillerdam is only a few miles from me - small small world. xxx

  4. Wow- those Adventures never stop. That river and weir are AWESOME! I could spend days there, just "paddling" as Jeff calls it. I just poke and fossick about the water and it's edges - probably my most favourite thing to do outside.

    Did you tell Bill he missed all that fun?

    Great post Diane, cheers, Cindy

  5. Looks like a lovely spot, beautiful reflections.
    That bridge does look quite scary with all that water rushing beneath it.
    ☼ Sunny

  6. Diane, do you and Bill ever stay home? I want to come have fun with both of you. What a great life!

  7. The view from your motel was lovely! Looks like a lovely little town! What did you have for dinner? ( We love good Italian food!)

  8. I had ricotta and spinach cannelloni,I can't remember what the other 3 had but we were all impressed with the food and the atmosphere.

  9. Diane -- that looks like a great visit! I'm impressed by the view from your motel! Prety spot. I loved your Alaska, but it's a trip for me to see posts from where you live when you're home again.

  10. It sounds like a nice mini "get away" even if it rained while you were there.

  11. Hi Diane, Your little trip sounded like a great place to visit... I would love the cooler weather especially during a hot summer...

    Sorry about the rain... Colin has been fussing about so much rain .... We need some here... Can't you send it to us?????? ha

    I'm not sure I would walk out on that little bridge --especially when the water was RAGING....

    Sorry about the traffic jam.... Looks like the USA... ha


  12. I have not spent any time in Stanthorpe but I know its a place I would not want to visit in Winter, it gets very chilly there. It looks very wet and green like most of Australia at the moment.

  13. I come to your blog to get some sunshine, and all I get is rain, lol ! This would be a place for Mr. G. if there are lots of Italian immigrants !

  14. Lovely post Diane. Especially enjoyed the water shots - those reflections! Could imagine standing there myself.

  15. I just covet your trips. I love them all. Can I be closely related to you? Adopt me??

    I don't know why, but I thought of you this morning when I was reading one of my favorite blogs and decided I'd send you her link. She's a joy. Mid 40's ... lives in Tennessee .. twins in college and two more at home with college long time coming. She's got a way at looking at life with such a different humor. She's quite a chuckle to start the day with. I found her when she first started and now she's got a zillion commenters. Pressure! :)))


  16. Well, another great trip, sorry for the rain. I read your adventure in Europe. It is so nice to travel with you on the blog.

  17. Scary little adventure for those two up high on that bridge!

    You are just having one adventure after the other...and that's the way it should be! LOL

  18. Love that third picture - the contrast between the still reflections and the rapids is great.

  19. Lovely scenery all looking so freshly washed after the rain. Not sure if I've been through Stanthorpe, but your descriptions always make one want to visit.