Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Sunday, October 3, 2010


It was very cold standing on the deck photographing the glaciers. I looked about me and couldn't find Bill. I guessed where he might be.
In the warm Lido Restaurant....

...enjoying a coffee.

Every table had beautiful fresh orchids.

At night we ate in the Vista2 Restaurant with our four friends.

On two occasions we were expected to dress formally. (Even though we scrub up OK,) I'm not a fan of these nights because it means packing jackets and dresses that you only wear for a few hours on the holiday, and when packing to an airline limit of 20kg it is a nuisance having to waste space with formal wear
When our friends, Jill and Graeme bought a bottle of...........

Chateauneuf-du-Pape, the best french wine in the world, Bill was ecstatic and his need to be careful of drinking red wine due to AF, went out the window. It was such good wine that it didn't effect his heart anyway. He was one happy chappy.

After a fabulous meal, exclusive wine and great company we toddled off to bed to find this towel creation on the bed. We had a different one every night.


  1. That's the one reason why I don't want to do a cruise ship. I don't want to have to dress up formally in the evenings for dinner. It's ridiculous. Other than all that, I've always thought what a fun time it would be to work on one.

  2. enjoyable as usual. you two do scrub pretty well. :) love the elephant towel.

  3. Hi diane, just LOVE your formal attire. You look like the Queen and Bill looks like a ship's captain! What a cute welcome on your bed. I'm enjoying these posts.Thanks for sharing. In His service, Regards, Jo

  4. I can understand your antipathy towards packing "formal" clothes. Unless travelling on the QE2 (or similar) dolled up the the nines everyday, having to dress up isn't the same as being on holiday.
    When I was in Alice Springs a group of people "dressed" for dinner - in the middle of the desert!

  5. Well, I'll join in and say I'm not one for dressing up either, but cruising does sound like a lot of fun. That was a great day you shared with us and I did love that 'dressy' photo of the two of you. Another fun read Diane, thanks :)

  6. Wow ! You look both great in your chic outfit ! A picture for the eternity ! In Egypt they do these bed decorations everyday in the hotels. I once had a crocodile in my bed with my sunglasses on !

  7. Well even if it was a hassle, that is a lovely picture of you and BB. I must link Amy to this post, the towel animal creation will give her a giggle.

  8. Oh I think I can feel my leg getting stronger and stronger after seeing these wonderful treats to get well for. I love the little towel elephant. Would they let you keep him - I sure hoope so?

  9. I am so enjoying this tour!! I showed your blog to my hubby and he agrees we should go! The elephant is fab! and we are with you on the "dressingup" we dont do it very well these days! As for the wine, they had it on offer in my local Supermarket for £6 the other day! Bargain! xxx

  10. We decided before we left home for our Alaska/Canada adventure that we did not want the extra weight of the formal wear (can you imagine that one pair of my 6 pair of shoes could only be worn once? not good!). So on those nights, we all enjoyed the cafeteria.

    But, I just love, love the formal picture of you guys. You are both so photogenic!

  11. I wondered when we would get a look at the "Chateauneuf du Pape".
    Watch out for BB contacting Diane in the UK for a carton at that price being sent!
    I think you looked VERY chic in your dress up attire.
    Colin (HB)

  12. Great post on your cruise. I feel the same way about the formal dress on the cruises. The last cruise I was on we skipped the formal dinner altogether. Great photo of you and your hubby.

  13. Hi Diane, When George and I went on our last cruise, we skipped the formal dinner. I'm sure we will do that again.. We neither one enjoy formal stuff like that... In fact, I doubt that we will eat in the formal dining room much at all -since there are other restaurants on the ship to enjoy.

    Bet you did enjoy that wine... I know that Colin would... ha ha

    Great post.

  14. It looks like a lovely evening and scrub up well indeed you do!

    We really hate formal occasions nowadays too and would probably skip them now that most cruiselines have that option.

    The last cruise we went on(too long ago!) was a windjammer sailing cruise, where the Captain said formal wear meant turning your T-shirt to the clean side! (The line is now out-of-business though, so I guess that didn't appeal to too many people!)

  15. Wow, what a treat - and what a nice photo of the 2 of you. I agree - it's a pain taking formal wear on holidays.

  16. Lovely photos of the two of you - very chic. I love the elephant - so much so that I wouldn't have wanted to break it up, so may have had to go unwashed!!

  17. Come on, Chateauneuf is good, but not THE best... ;))

  18. Sorry Trotter it may not be the best to you, but it certainly is to me..