Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Return of Fat Butt

It is overcast and showery today so Fat Butt is having breakfast later than usual, which meant that I was up and could snap him. I actually wanted to shoo him away from eating my newly planted Grevillea shrubs, which I nursed through the dry period. Instead, I watched him mow them down while I got shots to show you.

" Hi, I'm Fat Butt, I visit this garden often. There are so many juicy plants to snack on."

"Mmmmm look at that the old lady has planted some fresh young Grevillea, smells good."

"Let me try some."

"Yum, yum delicious. I'll just hang on to it ready for my next bite. Sorry for talking with my mouth full. Mmm so young and fresh. The old girl is watching me with that big, black, clicky thing but she's harmless and a good old stick for sharing her garden with me."

"Oh boy! Look at that tall shoot that I have missed. Looks good."

" That's the one. Mmmm yum yum. Uh oh, she's getting a bit close now, maybe I had better leave the rest of the Grevillea for her. I'm off to find another juicy morsal."

"Crikey! She is still clicking away and following me, but I'm so cute she won't hurt me."

"Now I know she won't mind if I mow the grass for a while."

" She's getting awfully close. I'm getting a bit scared. I'll make myself big and show her that I am a male and not to be messed with."

"I'm not sure about her. I hop away and she keeps following me with that clicky thingy. I'm off now but I'll be back, earlier next time, when the old girl is still in bed."


  1. He's beautiful, Diane. The nickname you have for him on the other hand...

    Now if were talking about me. :)

  2. Diane, funny captions to go with your Fat Butt. I think he is so cute and thanks for sharing him with me. Great photos.

  3. Neat photos! The deer around here perform the same pruning job on the bushes. I put wire around the bushes, but FB has those tricky little hands that could reach right in and grab the branches. How do you protect the shrubbery?

  4. Hello Diane
    Oh yes - naughty but nice. We might see some wildlife in our suburban garden but Big Reds with Fat Butts don't happen to be on the list lol
    Thanks for sharing
    Take care

  5. Hey what a great sequence, glad there are no Fat Butts visiting my garden, I have enough trouble keeping it going without that!

  6. Diane, we have 67 hectares and yet they still find their way into the house and garden area and munch on everything of value to me. I do get frustrated at times and yet, if plants survive, they often end up looking spectacular.
    Always love your pics...

  7. Oooooooh, sweet!!! Love your Big Feet aka Fat Butt shots!

  8. That's too funny ! you have to plant more for him, lol ! When I think I have to go to the zoo to see a "Fat Butt" and you have him sitting in your garden !

  9. Lovely photos and captions, diane. He really is wide at the bottom. I never knew they used their hands.

  10. Your own favorite kangaroo. Deer mow our stuff down. He looks like a teenager.

    This was a fun post!


  11. He's beautiful, Diane---just like our DEER. Everyone loves the deer UNTIL they eat the roses, flowers, plants, shrubs, etc.... Don't know if they make a spray to prevent Wallabies from eating stuff in your yard.. BUT we use Liquid Fence in our yard (spray) to prevent the deer from eating our stuff... It works!!!!

    The Wallaby is pretty--but I would NOT be happy if he/she ate my plants/flowers....

    Great pictures though.

  12. Oh he's great to see Diane - I'd probably let him nibble at my garden plants!!

  13. Hi Diane! This is a lovely photo diary of fat butt!I love the pic where he wants to show off his 'manly-man'ness but chickens out in the next pic! The garden looks good :) If I were a wallaby, I'd drop by every morning too :)

  14. I'm sitting here at work and showing all the girls and said "Imagine seeing this in your yard?
    " Kinda like deer her, huh? Totally COOL! And, sorry about your we love you for taking photos!!

  15. Hi Diane, Great pictures of "Fat Butt". He is really enjoying your grevillia. I am sure he will be back soon, remember the nice, tasty shoots. I am sure you do not mind if he mows the grass.

  16. Hi Diane! Wonderful reportage!! I've a 1992 video of two kangoroos in the Sydney zoo, but can't be shown... ;))

    Blogtrotter 2 is cruising with the Liberty of the Seas. Hope you enjoy it and have a great weekend!!

  17. So adorable. I wish I could be there and see nature like this each day.

  18. Diane I giggled out loud through this whole post...great pics and a wonderful creature.....