Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Friday, February 5, 2010


The young ones came over from David's parents' place to see us before they start their road journey to Sydney where they hope to find a job and a place to live. We decided to have a nice lunch together before they go. We chose the Lighthouse Restaurant perched on the tip of Cleveland Point jutting into Moreton Bay. (Yes, Julie we're eating again)

We passed this seafood display on the way to our table. (Colin will be drooling)

We could have a table next to the water or one in a cooler spot under the veranda. We chose the cooler spot as David and Carol are still finding it very hot here after coming from freezing London a few weeks ago. This is an open restaurant so there is no air conditioning. It usually has nice bay breezes but they were a bit light today.

It is like sitting on the deck of a ship, being so close to the water.

Lunch has arrived...

..David and Carol had a seafood platter for two...

Bill had Moreton Bay bugs (sometimes called a Slipper Lobster.Thenus orientalis has an Indo-west Pacific distribution, meaning that it is found in the Indian Ocean and western parts of the Pacific Ocean. The distribution stretches from the east coast of Africa to the Red Sea, southern Asia, China and Japan as well as the Philippines, Indonesia and the northern half of the coast of Australia, including Moreton Bay, from which it derives its common name.)

I had baked whole Sole

Everyone is pleasantly full

This is better than skyping to the other side of the world....ahhh to touch, hug, hold and smell the closeness of one's daughter is wonderful.


  1. My dear Diane

    Is it necessary to show "little ole me" plates of seafood? Is this torture by a slow method? You can keep the "bugs" and lobster, the prawns looked ( well I am crying!), where are the oysters? And the baked whole sole, I would just die for! Well, with the drooling now, I am probably in my death throes!
    Kindly in future stick to wallabies invading your garden and sunsets!
    My home made rissoles that I have been slaving over preparing all afternoon, enough made to feed a battalion of troops, and then I open up your blog!
    Where is justice in this World?
    Yes I will sleep tonight and have seafood nightmares - many thanks!


  2. What a pretty spot and what delicous looking food!

  3. Oh you look sooo happy with your beautiful daughter! And that food? Looks more like art then food - besutiful! Everyone looks happy...and full :-)

  4. I so understand about your daughter. It's hard to have them move away. So when you get them back, even for a little while, hugs are very important!


  5. Diane, what a pretty spot. I can also relate to being seperated from dear ones. Sydney is not too far from you is it? (Never took geography at school!)

  6. Oh I'm sorry to hear that they are going to Sidney--but I'm sure they need jobs... I was just hoping they would stay in Brisbane. I know you will miss them--but they are closer than they were!!!!!

    Beautiful restaurant... Food looks fabulous! I loved the pictures of the four of you --and of course the others also...


  7. Diane could the restaurant know that you are a blogger and pictures of the food will go around the world?
    I am sure it tastes as good as it looks. Appetising and gorgeous!
    Your Post reminds me just how much I miss dining out.

  8. Sydney is 1hr 15mins by plane or 12 hours by car.

  9. You all look like a bunch of happy campers! I would love to have lunch out there and enjoy the ocean view. What a treat. Hope your children find everything they want in Sydney. Now you can visit back and forth. Fun!

  10. Great photos. It must be wonderful to have your daughter home. I hope she and your son-in-law make the move to Sydney without a hitch.

  11. Wonderful :).
    ps the food pics are making me hungry!

  12. Mmm ...

    But the trays of seafood do look scrumptious, and the restaurant delightfully situated, and the company charming ...

  13. Hi Diane
    What a wonderful restaurant! I'd be in heaven eating there as I love all seafood.

    I'm glad you had some special time with your daughter. My son and daughter-in-law and grandson live across the country from me so I know how it feels to only be able to keep in touch by phone or SKYPE.

    Good luck to them in their job hunt!

  14. Now I am green of jalousy and hungry too ! lol ! what a beautiful place !
    I can imagine that they are freezing after London, Brussels is not better !

  15. Eat together in this atmosphere is a joyful moment. In Bali - Indonesia, there is a similar place like this (restaurant on the beach), that is in the Jimbaran area.

  16. The sea food is come from the fishermen catch around the coast