Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Big Seven O

Last Sunday we were invited to Bill P's 70th birthday party. Bill P is David's (our son in law) dad.
Bill's family from the left, Melody, Adele, Alma, Jon, Bill and David. Bill and Alma were very happy to have Adele come from Sydney and David home from London to celebrate with them.
Each of the four children had a turn at relating a funny incident from the past involving them and their dad. David is recalling their dad urging them up the hills on their bicycles. "Come on if we get up the hill you have to come down again and that will be fun."

Bill is a keen cyclist and still cycles every day. He is challenging himself to do a 70 km ride now that he is 70.


  1. Oh wow. Only a few more years. How did this happen? :)

  2. Good for him! Sounds like his zest for life will take him even further. Happy Birthday to your friend :-)

  3. What a nice birthday party ! some men are really miracles, my friends husband is over 80 (much older than she is) and he still rides at least 40 km when he is on holidays ! I am already tired after 1 m and I wouldn't dare to climb on one anymore ! My son and DIL (as dutch) they ride bicylce even to work !

  4. Wow---At 70, Bill's in great shape. That biking certainly helps.

    Nice looking family... Your son-in-law David is such a nice-looking man. I know the family is glad to have him back in Australia.


  5. Happy Birthday to Bill! Love the idea of tell stories. I think I would need a three wheel bicycle.

  6. Congratulations to Bill! He looks great, may he keep on going strong for many years to come!