Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Early Birthday Lunch

As Carol and David are off to Sydney they took Bill to lunch for his birthday which is next weekend. They asked me which restaurant he might like and we decided on "Hog's Breath" at Raby Bay near Cleveland. He loves the tender steak and curly chips.

Once again we had to sit inside as it was too hot outside, but the view of the marina was still nice.

This is where the well off retire.

Raby Bay canal estate.

After lunch we had a short walk along the boardwalk and admired the sailing boat sculpture, the boys are keen to get out of the heat so they head off towards the car.

There they go down the yellow brick road.

While Carol and I take photos the boys are nearly to the bright red car. Hopefully they will open up all the doors and windows to let the heat out and then rev up the airconditioning by the time we get there. The temperature in parked cars can reach 60C/140F.


  1. I hope this post can warm up some of our northern hemisphere friends who are suffering a long cold winter. I read in the paper about the bad storm in Washington, Baltimore and Maryland. At least in the heat we can still drive around easily.

  2. C'mon Diane, nothing is like a free sauna! ( Joke, joke, joke!)
    Good to see that the gentlemen are ensuring that the ladies, admiring the flowers and blooms of the trees are well looked after, when they eventually arrive at the car.
    Score: males 1: for consideration.
    Females 0: for being tardy!

    Yes, people who read all this report from Diane - it is HOT and HUMID! Thankfully not as hot as previous Februarys where the heat does not abate overnight.

    What happened to the usual food photos, surely the camera didn't melt?
    Great report as usual and wonderful photos, many thanks from I think all who view your great blog and reports.

  3. What a nice place again ! I always come to your blog to warm me up ! We too have to eat inside, but because of the heating, lol ! I am sure Carol feels the difference with the London life !

  4. Hi diane;) It all looks so clean and well-tended. And no crowds. Here in Africa the streets and any other public place teems with people most all the time. Glad you had a lovely lunch. I loved the marina. Thanks for sharing Bill's day with us.

  5. I feel warmer already Diane just reading this. We don't have the snow right now (possibly tomorrow night), but it is definitely cold. This has been one of the coldest winters I remember in Memphis.

    Tell Bill happy birthday please, and have a great Valentine's Day too.

  6. Happy Birthday to Bill --next weekend. What are you doing for him, Diane?????

    Looks like you all had some GREAT eating AGAIN.. There are many good restaurants down there, aren't there????

    Thanks for taking us with you... I liked that yellow brick road!!!! Did you see Dorothy???? ha

    Watched and loved the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics last night.


  7. We can do with some warming up too ... it's grey and raining again but it's certainly making the garden very green.

  8. The marina is gorgeous, what a great place for lunch. The yellow brick road is great. Your summer heat is very similar to ours, the cars are always so hot after being closed up for awhile.

  9. So the kids had a glass of beer, the old man had a bottle of beer and you - you hoe into a massive rouge vin!

    I would not give you all the money in the world to retire into a place like that. Give me land, lotsa land, under starry skies above ...