Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Friday, February 19, 2010

BB's Got the Blog Bug and Shot the City.

A few days ago we visited the city (Brisbane) for BB to take photos for his City Daily Blog.

He's got the blog bug now and swapped his video camera for my Sony Cyber Shot. We drove to Kangaroo Point and took shots of the city from the lookout or in American the overlook.(Isn't English funny) As you can see from the sky we are in our tropical wet season and that is why the river is muddy.

Looking down river towards the CBD.


Looking up river towards the Captain Cook Bridge and South Bank Parklands.

We drove on to the Kangaroo Point Park and then caught a little ferry across the river, passing old customs house.

We headed to the eateries for lunch. (So as not to disappoint Julie, who thinks we do nothing else)

We found a nice one with a great view of the river activities.

I had a Moroccan Salad and Bill had fish'n'chips.

The Kookaburra Queen sailed past on its daily luncheon tour.

The sky scrapers surrounded us.

The City Cat glides past commuting people from one end of the city to the other. It is a two hour round trip and a great way for tourist to see the city. The Story Bridge is the icon for the city there are tourist walks going along the top of the steal structure.


  1. The "outlook" is very american, lol ! such skyscrapers ! lookout, overlook or outlook, it looks like a very nice place ! again I had to eat with my eyes and not with my mouth !

  2. What a beautiful city. The food looks good too (LOL)

  3. With all the wonderful places to eat there I would eat out all the time also.

    We are very, I MEAN VERY, limited here.


  4. Hi Diane, What a gorgeous city Brisbane is. It's no wonder that more and more people are moving there. Thanks for taking us on your tour. Glad Bill is getting more and more interested in blogging.


  5. There is one lookout here in the mountains called a Lookdown which I find an interesting variation in the theme. Wow the city is looking good.

  6. Hi Diane,

    Its my first time visiting your blog. The title made me laugh. I'm a teacher as well. I lived in Sidney for 2 years. I remember traveling to Brisbane in 1990 and from what I can see it has changed a lot. I also remember the wonderful Thai restaurants. You are lucky to live in Australia! : D

  7. Brisbane is such a scenic city, you are so lucky to live there. I love all the river views and that last bridge is fascinating.

    As always the food looks delicious.

  8. Those pictures are beautiful, with your help I am going to know Brisbane. I like the tropical aspect of Brisbane. I am not visiting as much as I used to.
    Diane, you know the rockmelons are ripe when they come easily of the stem. They just fall of no tearing. When you by them you can see the tear because they harvest before they are ripe. Our Persimmos are not very good this year, most are attacked by possums and flying foxes so we have covered them, they still find them. they are also not very big as it was very dry when they were growing. anyway, last year we had a great, beautiful crop.
    As compensation we had and still have Mangoes. It is always a little like a lottery! good on you to have a veggie garden, your own is still the best, no pesticides, herbicides and lots of other bad "cides" as well!

  9. Beautiful photos Diane. Hope u are having a nice weekend, Ev

  10. Great job BB. Beautiful shots. So pretty there.

  11. Wonderful photos of Brisbane, I lvoe the shots of the river and the boats. Very nice!

  12. How refreshing! I feel like I have taken a walking tour of Brisbane. It is a lovely city and reminds me somehow of San Francisco. Love the photos!

    I think it would be great to visit Australia if for no other reason than to eat all the delicious meals! Australia is certainly beautiful!

    Thank you for volunteering to be my neat police. I need you!

  13. You realise of course, that Julie is simply jealous of the frequnecy that you(se) two eat out!! But we will solve that ... we will indeed!

    I am glad BB has the blog bug. It is a wonderful hobby. It gets one out and about, you learn all sorts of new places to go, you learn all sorts of history, you get good at photography and you meet new really nice, genuine people.

    Say no more!