Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Birthday Bear Goes Fishing

George's Birthday is today exactly one week after Bill's so we have two Birthday Bear parties within a week. (Who's complaining?) George has recently been to Far North Queensland to go fishing with his brother. He showed us photos of him holding a huge fish that he caught. So Birthday Bear came as a fisherman.

He is holding up a big shark, rod under his arm and a net at his feet. (It was our turn to dress bear)

George looks very happy with his present.

Then he showed us how big it was,"the one that got away."

We went to Sunnybank Hotel for lunch. Ann had collected "shopper dockets" for each couple so that we got the second meal for $7.00. It was a cheap meal but very tasty for pub grub. Much to Colin and Richard's (friends who don't like it) disgust I had Barramundi fish and it did not taste like plastic it was soft, juicy and delicious.

Bill loves sausages and I don't so he often has them when we go out.

Birthday boy, George had lamb shanks.(Richard thinks this is a strange meal for us to eat in the tropics in summer, but one can get sick of summer salads and the eateries are air conditioned so it gives us a better variety of meals.)

Ann had chicken wrapped in bacon , avocado and cheese sauce.

Mary had a similar dish.

Another Birthday Bear group outing. From the left: Bill, moi, George, Birthday Bear, Ann, Mary, Paul and Helen. To find out more about our Birthday Bear tradition click here


  1. You did a great job dressing up Birthday Bear! And the fish with all those teeth is so cute and scary at the same time! BB is a doll!
    I'm drooling over the different meals. I so want to go out to lunch with you!
    You all look to be having a wonderful time!

  2. What a great celebration. The bear is adorable. Happy days!

  3. A nice birthday party (again, lol) !

  4. OMG !!!!!

    Barramundi ( AGAIN! for thee!)
    Sausages ( AGAIN! for he!)

    Still if that is what you like, then that was what "THEE & HE" will have.
    Yes, I have to agree with Richard J., but I have never tried them, I always thought Lamb Shanks was for a cold winter day. I shall be trying them in WINTER! Maybe we'll go out to some place that can cook them very professionally????

    Great gear on that bear, quite the dressy type "dandy".

    I think George must have the typical fisherman's imagination re: the one that got away.

    Looked like gret fun was had by all.
    Happy birthday George, better luch next time with the fish????

  5. You did a nice job dressing birthday bear.

  6. Hi Diane, Another birthday, huh???? What a wonderful way for all of you to meet, eat, talk, laugh --and just celebrate each other!!!! LOVE it.

    Happy Birthday George.... My George has a birthday on March 9.


  7. HI! thanks for visiting my blog. I have been reading some of your old posts... to learn all about birthday bear and kangaroos tat visit your garden and how your family came to Australia and lived in a tent! OMG!! I will have to come back another day to finish because it is really late... but I have just become your newest follower.

  8. Hi Diana, thanks for your kind words at the Creatively Fit web page and your interest in my pictures. There are currently 27 posts with my pictures uploaded there. Just click on my name. You really humble me with your praise as I started to take pictures a good year ago with a rather old camera. Thanks again and have a great start into the week.
    PS I love this Teddy

  9. Very interesting and fun post!

  10. Hi! CottonLady from West Texas here. HB sent me to your blog and I will begin reading your past ones tonight and tomorrow. It has been quite a winter here and now more rain and snow to come in tonight. Am enjoying your writings and pictures.


  11. Thankyou CottonLady for your comments.

  12. Hi Diane! March has arrived and maybe this awful winter will be gone... Happy Holi to all those who celebrate. Great Festival of Colours!!

    I was hopping to get some champagne, but it seems it doesn't fit in the Birthday Bear tradition... :-(
    Happy (belated) birthdays to Bill and George!!

    Meanwhile, Blogtrotter 2 is still in Haiti, now at Malfini beach. Hope you enjoy and have a great week!!

  13. On the rare occasions that I eat out, I go to a pub on Oxford Street called the Rose, Shamrock & Thistle (but known as the three weeds). There they have the THE best lamb shanks in the western world. Plus crunchy carrots (and I hate carrots!). Plus crunchy broccoli. All for either $12 or $15 - can't remember which.

  14. Diane;) I'm confused about our season dates back in SA (southern hemisphere) and there are only two here in North Africa, hot and dry and very hot and wet! Glad you've had so much rain. All the mails I get from home is that it has rained the most in many years in our area. So my garden should also be looking lush and probably in need of my shears and secateurs next week. Your garden in stunning and the Wallaby seems to be a pet already! Diane you have my sympathy sharing a computer. Our MDSL (broadband) expired at the end of February and Grant only bought one for the interim. (you load one gadget/removable disk with the time) We had to pay for a full month but didn't want to pay for two (we will give the remainder - more than three weeks -to Issam to use up) So I have use of the Internet on my laptop in the morning. When Grant returns from work (about midday- 1.30) he takes it (to read the news, LOL!)and I wait until he goes to bed at 8.30 before I catch up again. I cannot wait to get back to SA and my [own] internet there, which we've kept connected. Have you ordered a new computer. Grant's is giving him trouble (a laptop which he has had for three years, so it's due to be replaced) and I'm petrified he doesn't get a new one and shares mine. *Sigh* Then again, we've been married 38 years tomorrow and I should be willing to share EVERYTHING after all these years.LOL! Hugs Jo

  15. Love that bear and the food omg...makes me hungry