Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Now and then we get together with friends, Alma and Bill, for fish and chips by the bay.
Alma and Bill are our son in law's parents and they live near Sandgate on Moreton Bay just north of Brisbane. They give us a call, pack a picnic and we just turn up. We found a table in the shade and sat in the cool bay breeze to devour fish and chips and salad washed down with a glass of bubbly wine. We toasted the imminent return of our children from London. We also toasted our other daughter who is expecting our first grandchild.

After lunch a flock of seagulls begged us for scraps.

I'm sure they shouldn't eat chips but it made some interesting shots.

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  1. Diane

    Seagulls eat everything - they are the most gluttonous of all bird life - however the wretched "Ibis" are learning fast!
    Thank God you didn't decide to "siesta" in the open, you may have been a target!

    Oh my God! Were they those calamarie on Bills plate? Ugh Ugh Ugh! Like eating plastic!
    Looks like you had as usual a great day. Never a dull moment with the DB and BB duo!

  2. Well the fish and chips looks really yummy....but your photos of the seagulls are amazing, them catching the food while in flight,and that last shot of the seagull on the rock is just so picture perfect...well done!!

  3. Cool shots of the seagulls, they arre such beggars. Great photos.

  4. What a beautiful day and wonderful celebration! I can hardly wait for you to be a grandma. You will LUV it!

    I need to take a trip to the Gulf of Mexico and enjoy the water and seagulls too. I miss seeing it. Maybe I will have to treat myself soon.

  5. Hi Diane! What a wonderful place for a picnic!! Notwithstanding the seaguls... ;))
    It must be great to have children back and grand children coming...

    Blogtrotter has an astonishing display of works of art by contemporary artists in the streets of Bilbao for you to enjoy. Have a great week!

  6. Hi Diane, Wow----that would be neat... Get a phone call from friends and then meeting them at a gorgeous place for a gorgeous meal together. Must be nice!!!! We'd love it too!!!!

    You all do have some upcoming excitement since your kids are moving back home. Life is good, huh??????

    Beautiful pictures---and I'm glad you fed the gulls.


  7. Fish and chips beside the sea and good company - nothing better. Thanks for joining my blog. Have a good week.

  8. Just think, only a couple of months and we'll be there with you! And it will be David begging for your spare chips!! Looks like a lovely day and boy oh boy the seafood looks gooooood!

    big hug to you all!
    Love Carol,

  9. How nice the two future grandparents together ! Congratulations, I saw the article and the pictures on Bill's blog. They are a very handsome couple !
    Love the seagulls makes me think of my holidays in England !
    I am back from Egypt ! Awful weather here, stormy, rainy and grey. From 30°C under palmtreas, I am sitting now in my room outside 10° and have the heating on !
    But 2 weeks were enough, it's nice to be home again too.

  10. Great photos as usual! I went to Bill's Ponderings and read the article about your daughter and her partner. She is beautiful!...and congratulations are in order regarding your new grandchild.

    Thanks for all your visits.

  11. You have every right to brag! Your daughter is gorgeous, and so is her guy, and becoming a FabGrandma yourself, well that is awesome!

    My son and his wife are expecting a new baby in May too! We can celebrate our "fabness" together! congratulations.

  12. I am so very happy for you! One child returning home and another expecting! Your life is full, isn't it, and that makes me very happy for you. You will love being a grandma! It is amazing to watch your children become parents.

  13. Aren't gulls beautiful?

    And here is cheers (cups up) to you and Bill!


  14. Love all the inlaws who have lunches together.

    My post tomorrow is about the Darlinghurst Reception House. Just for vous ...

  15. Wow what great pictures and it sounds like a great day out as well.

  16. It looks like a gorgeous day and a great place for a picnic. The seagulls gave you a great show and fabulous photos, great shots.

  17. What a lovely get-together Diane and I enjoyed all your super photographs. How lovely about the impending arrival of your first grandchild too. If I haven't said it before, congratulations! Fish and Chips? Oh yum! Love those fish and chips! Your seagull pictures were wonderful action shots, such funny birds aren't they?