Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Now that it is hotter we have breakfast on the balcony again. Last week we had a pair of Figbirds joined us for breakfast.

Mr Figbird

Mrs Figbird

She is gorging on the palm berries.

She's got one.

She juggles it.

Down it goes.

Yum, Yum!

That one looks good.

She grabs it.

Alas, she drops it!

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  1. WOW! You captured every move of that figbird! Stunning, love the very last photo where she dropped the fruit.

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  2. You guys have the most beautiful birds there. And your camera handling isn't bad either. Great post!

  3. Gorgeous pictures !! Bravo ! that looks so beautiful with the red berries as background !

  4. What pretty birds, Diane... I've never seen or heard of them. And Palm berries????? That's a new one to me also... See how much I'm learning from you bloggers!!!!

  5. What a wonderful picture story, Diane. Although the female is doing all the work, that is a striking eye patch owned by that male fig bird. Nice to be able to breakfast on a balcony with your own floor show.

  6. Great POST! The photos are wonderful and the story clever!


  7. How much fun. You and Bill don't even have to leave your yard to enjoy such beauty and nature. These birds are so beautiful. She really likes those berries too!

  8. Delightful breakfast companions and great photos. You have a good eye and good skills as well - how delightful you use them to share natural beauty.

  9. Beautiful photos Diane....that new camera is doing the job and I am not familiar with those little beauties, thanks for sharing.

    Cheers, lizzie b.

  10. Diane, you have made a wonderful series of the figbirds. It is so nice to have breakfast or any other meal outside. We had a bit of that dust storm too yesterday.

  11. Wonderful photos and birds, Diane. The male is really a beauty.

  12. Great photos, Diane. Those palm berries look like long strings of beads....rubies, perhaps?

  13. What a great series of photos. Beautiful!

  14. Great photography Diane - I had no idea that you were so knowledgeable on bird types. Do you have that "Birds of Australia" book?
    Around my area, the "Indian Minor" (?) birds have got rid of all the small types, they raid the nests and kill the parents, chicks and eggs! Even the noisy lorikeets have disappeared. So my part of Brisbane has crows, Indian minors ( in thousands!) and ibis, plus a lone noisy bird which starts "wailing" (non-stop)every morning about 2.00am until dawn. I have got up to see if I can see the creature and flash my torch around. Someone is going to report my nocturnal "flashing" and there will be a knock on my door from the "boys in blue". I will, if that occurs, ask them to assist me with my search for that darn "wailing" bird - I'm not sure if they would agree?? Plus this "wailer" disappears in the winter months, so it must be of the migratory variety. Any helpers on this subject?

    "Sleep deprived" HB

  15. Those palm berries are so pretty. The figbirds are a treat. Love your photos of the birds juggling the berries. Super!

  16. Oh Diane, what a great series of photos and a wonderful narrative. Those are very interesting birds, I have never heard of them.

    It must be wonderful to have such lovely morning visitors who provide a breakfast show. Thanks for sharing.


  17. Well done Diane, The birds are very certainly are improving with your photography.

  18. Gorgeous birds! I've never seen a Figbird before...a little bit similar to our Northern Flicker maybe...great shots regardless.

  19. Gee Mum, you are a great photographer! I didn't know you knew so much about birds either!
    BIG HUG!
    PS Let's Skype tomorrow