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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kimberley and Top End (Part 14) Litchfield National Park-Darwin

In the evening we arrived in Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory. It was a very comfortable hotel overlooking the harbour.
We still had another day and a half of the tour left. Early next morning we drove to Litchfield National Park named after one of the first European explorers in this area. It is 1,500 square km and has a diverse environment. Sandstone escarpments, monsoon forests, waterfalls and pools as well as........
...magnetic termite mounds. They look quite eerie or like being on another planet. These thin mounds are all aligned north to south to minimise exposure to the sun. Some scientists believe that the termites use the Earths magnetic poles to help them position them north a to south.

Built by termites, the mounds are amazing architectural feats complete with arches, tunnels, chimneys, insulation and nursery chambers.

Like bees and ants, termites have a very well organised society. There are millions of them in one mound, mostly in the centre or underground unless the workers, guarded by the soldiers are repairing the mound on the outside.

There cathedral termite mound is also seen here in the background.

They can grow up to 6m/about 25 feet. They last for about 20 years. ( ugh that daggy hat!)

Florence Falls were easy to see from the lookout but there were hundreds of steps to get down. If you look hard you can see some swimmers under the waterfall. We didn't go down but went onto.......

...... Wangi Falls, and a great crystal clear pool for swimming and no crocodiles (I hope)

Sensible people relaxed in the shallows on the sand bar..........

..............or took video shots, but one stupid person decided to swim to the waterfall, forgetting that she was 67 and not 17 anymore...........

It looked a lot closer than it was but I was determined to make it, which I did but ..........

....on the way back I was getting very puffed, however the silly old girl made it.

When I got my breath back I practiced taking arty shots of the waterfall. I hope Betsy from "Joyful Reflections" enjoys these waterfalls because she likes to find and photograph them as you can see on her wonderful blog.

To watch the waterfalls cascading and me nearly drowning see Bills video HERE

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  1. Yay for you &your daggy (!) hat!!The landscape you have is so diverse and all so awe-inspiring! I would still be a little freaked out by the crocs but it's almost like a rose- you have to be careful to enjoy the beauty.

    The mounds looked like tombstones at first - then to learn all about their society? Another whole world..and we think about aliens from outer space? How about the intelligent life forms right here?

    Grat trip! So glad you "took" me along :-)

  2. Oh My My My Diane, The waterfalls and that pool (for swimming) are totally awesome..... I called my hubby in to see these photos. He asked me if I wanted to go and see them and I said YES... Wonder when that will happen????? ha ha

    Then can keep the termites down there though---although that is interesting to see those mounds. When I first saw that picture, I thought it was a cemetery with tombstones. ha ha

    Thanks for posting this one --and for mentioning my blog.

  3. The termite mounds are amazing. Before I read your caption I thought they were old headstones. I certainly have learned something new. The falls are lovely, looks very refreshing.
    Sunny :)

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  5. Those mounds are amazing. What a landscape.

  6. What AMAZING views from your travels ... just wonderful to see them virtually. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Oh I wish I was there right by those beautiful waterfalls. How beautiful -- I can just hear them from your photographs. Good for you swimming that distance. Great job!

  8. What an amazing Place. The termite mounds are incredible. I thought it was and old cemetery at first.

  9. But how do they know which way is north/south when they start building?????? Amazing creatures. And who decides where they'll build the mound? It's a structured society, so perhaps they vote? And how BIG was that one you were standing in front off!!!! Oh boy!

    Great bloggin' Ma


  10. Wow! That was some swim! I only thought there were termite mounds like that in Africa. I learn so much on your blog. Beautiful photos of the falls. I love traveling with you.

  11. Hi Diane, thanks for visiting my blog. You certainly look like you are having great adventures and taking great photos.

    Yes colouring on the B&W shots is done with photoshop. I duplicate the image in a second layer, convert that layer to B&W then erase the bit I want to colour.

    Another way is use a freehand tool to circle the part of the image you want to keep coloured and copy it to your clipboard. Then convert the image to B&W and paste the colour bit back on top. This method is not as accurate but might be more readily available in your photographic software if you don't have photoshop.

  12. Lovely photos Diane, and those places bring back memories as I always say :)

  13. Diane Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Your blog is very very very interesting, I spent an hour seeing and many places I remembered when I was in Australia.
    Xavi from Barcelona

  14. The termite mounds are incredible, it's amazing that they can build them that tall.

    The waterfall and pool look like a little piece of heaven. Good for you on making the swim, it does look like a long way.

    Your photos from the trip are great, I am really enjoying the tour.


  15. Oh these beautiful photos remind me so mcuh of home. I would have loved to have been there swimming right next to you, it looks like it was lovely!

  16. Another splendid post. All delightful photos. The birds are magnificent, and those termite mounds extraordinary. I'm impressed that you swam to the waterfall by the way. You're braver than I would have been but then I'm a hopeless swimmer.

  17. Stunning pictures! But swimming to waterfalls at 67 is an achievement... ;))

  18. Fantastic photography...It is all so stunning. Love it all. well done again Diane and Bill. xx love sharing your travels.xx Alma and Bill

  19. Loved viewing these pics - good on you for taking your swim too Diane, well done!