Brisbane, QLD

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bill Gets a Blast From the Past

While we were walking around the multicultural festival yesterday we saw Art work from Africa.

We saw children getting some hints from the Brisbane Soccer Team.

Then we came across The Ethnic radio stall, where volunteers were telling people about the programmes available and encouraging people to become members.
Seeing these people and the outside broadcast van that was also there brought back memories for Bill. He used to broadcast the Swiss Programme for many years and he has posted about it on his blog. He would love you to visit and comment.

Then we caught the train home using our cheap pensioner tickets.


  1. I thought soccer was typical american and the rest of the world calls it football, am I wrong ?
    Your platform looks as our Brussels main station, only the train looks different. I had to laugh about the "disabled access" on the sign !

  2. Hi Diane, I don't have time right now to check out Bill's blog--but please tell him how happy I am that you all found that radio group. I'm sure it did bring back huge memories for him. How Special!!!!!

    Great pictures. That festival looked fabulous.

  3. That looks like a brilliant festival to be part of, Diane. I am in the process of stopping work over the next couple of weeks. Just getting my pension organised now. Can't wait not to be locked up in an office all through the summer!

    Over to Bill's now. What sort of a name is that for a Swiss bloke??!!

  4. You guys always seem to have something fun and exciting to do. I love reading your posts and enjoy your sharing of the adventures you encounter. Blessings on you Diane!

  5. That is a pretty train. Your photos are wonderful. Glad Bill got to visit with people from his old work place.

  6. "using our cheap pensioners ticket" made me giggle...are the tickets cheap or the pensioners?haha...loved the first photo- what a beautiful woman

  7. To anonymous. We have called football soccer for years. However, we now call it Football in the media and schools are trying to reeducate the kids to call it Football.

  8. To Anoymous. Well, Diane has explained the "new" terminology of soccer v. football.
    However, it has only recently, last 20 years or so, become a big time sport in Australia with a big coverage on TV, radio and the written press. When one comes to think of it, it is the sport where you do use your feet, rather than carrying the ball as in Rugby Union or League, but Australian Rules does have the kicking element in it.
    Re: Your brilliant observation of the railway sign on the platform - that's where the people who are unable to walk in those "moving machines" - ( mechanised wheelchairs) assemble for access to a certain carriage. They are then assisted onto the train by the guard.
    Cheers to Brussels - I thought Brussels had to "ll's" at the end.
    Colin ( "HB")

  9. What a fun festival and beautiful art work from Africa! Wonderful photos!

  10. I read both of your posts and the festival sounds so exciting, I love events like this one. Learning about different cultures is always interesting. Thanks for the tour.

  11. I would like to shop there!!!!!

  12. That Bill of yours is such a multi-talented little devil. Don't you want to share him for a while. I will send a ticket to Memphis.

  13. I enjoyed this. Your posts are such a blend of just about every culture. What a special place.