Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bernie Hits the Front Page

As I mentioned in the last post Bernard Curry, our daughter's partner, visited Brisbane from Sydney on a promotional tour for his latest show,"Beauty and the Geek." Click here for a glimpse of the show. At the same time he featured on the front cover of this week's TV guide in his other show, "Home and Away". He also featured in the weekend magazine and newspapers.

Bernie plays Hugo in "Home and Away."

Dinner with Bernie.


  1. OK I am super impressed. Beauty and the Geek did come on in USA, I guess it still does. This fellow looks like he has a booming career so far. Thanks for sharing. Keep info coming.

  2. I searched around but couldn't find the show online in the states. It was shown here, but now seems to be gone. Looks like you had a wonderful visit and dinner. I'll keep looking for the show. Great photo!

  3. I miss the show as I am at work and keep forgetting to tape it....however, hubby is really into it (which really saying something)....

    Cheers.....Hosky (aka Kim)

  4. Hehehe ! sounds like a movie title !
    I see your magazines look like ours almost the same titles but with other people !

    You are very right, blogging should be fun and that's what I have !!