Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Monday, March 30, 2009

On the Home Run PART SEVEN

Wednesday 25 March.

It is about a five hour drive home so we leave our beautiful cabin on the beach and reluctantly head for home.

We stopped at Maclean for morning tea at the Information Centre. We had a lovely view of the river and........

....the lush farmlands as we sipped our frothy cappuccino, and I wondered if Titania still lives near here. We roamed through the art and craft shop and the pieces were lovely but I restrained from buying. (We don't need any more clutter)

Soon we were on our way speeding through miles and miles of sugar cane farms until......

.....more road works. Then we climbed over a hill and.......

...we were greeted by a beautiful view towards Byron Bay.

Here the roadworks are completed and we had an easy run home to Queensland.
There are special bridges for wildlife (especially koalas) to cross the new road. There are native plants growing on it ( and a sign saying "Animals Cross Here". I wonder who taught them to read. he he)

Yoo hoo nearly home!!!

Here comes the Queensland border on the brand new Tugun Bypass road. (This saves a lot of time as you don't have to mingle with all the Gold Coast traffic)

We're home!

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Click on the markers to see photos. We travelled over 2000k.


  1. Welcome home ! what a nice trip back !

  2. Lovely looking at the photos and reading where you have been. Now the settling down bit :)

  3. What a lovely trip. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Good to be home again isn't it, even though the trip was a lovely one.

  5. O! yes a seaside holiday now there is nothing like it to charge the batteries.

    What beautiful photos you have here to show us I am so pleased I dropped in.

    Lee-ann (in Victoria)

  6. Yeah! Home sweet home - it's always so fun to experience a great trip, but always so wonderful when you round that last corner and are ...HOME!

  7. Wow, that was great photos and a great post. I loved it, thank you.

  8. Welcome home, and a lovely journey you had but if you're anything like me as soon as that car heads back I'm like a homing pigeon. Great vacation, great photos, thanks Diane.

  9. Diane, feel like I have missed so much of this journey.
    Look forward to 'catching' up from here on in.
    Fond thoughts