Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Road Trip to Sydney PART THREE (Bondi and Manly)

Saturday 21 March.
The next morning we walked the short distance to the beach to take some pics.

We walked along the path towards the next beach. We pass these interesting wind sculptured rocks.

That evening we walked in the other direction.

We passed this club bursting with socialites.

Then came to a little bay.

Sunday 22 March

Sonya planned a day at Manly Beach. We drove 5 mins to Rose Bay and caught the ferry to Circular Quay and changed ferries for the trip to Manly.

Sonya and dad waiting for the ferry

Here comes the ferry.
on the harbour
Coming into Circular Quay
We are on the way to Manly and pass the headland where I used to go to teacher's College.
We get off the ferry and go for.....
..lunch on the pier.

Then we walked to the beach.

Then back on the harbour passing the opera house where Sonya works.
Her office is on the ground floor in the middle


  1. Hello Diane, thought I would stop by and see what you have been up to. Very busy by the look of it. Sounds like you are having a great time in Sydney. Still enjoying your food by the look of it. Take care, have fun. Cheers Linley

  2. having a skim through your blog while eating lunch at work...missing the big blue skies of Australia! Home sick!

  3. Beautiful photographs, and your daughter Sonya is beautiful. I love that opera house. Is she an opera singer?

    You and BB have such exciting lives.

  4. No Kathleen, she isn't an opera singer she is a production manager and is responsible for getting the shows on. She isn't in charge of the opera theatre either, but the studio theatre and many other venues within and outside the opera house.

  5. Diane, I agree with Kathleen. Sonya is beautiful and I love your family pics, as well as the scenes that delight me each time I come to your blog.
    Live your dreams and love your life seems to be exactly what you and BB do...

  6. You are lucky ! I wished I could make this trip too ! Looks lovely !

  7. I want to go to the beach... and the club... and that resteraunt!! You take the best pictures of food! Neat looking Opera house as well -- would love to see inside. I'm considering an oversees trip later in the summer, and am toying with the idea of Australia!

  8. Looks like you are having the time of your lives...
    It`s been many years since i`ve travelled to Sydney and naturally the most vivid memory is the Opera House...
    Ypur post below of the gardens is stunning...Now that`s my kind of garden...

  9. Diane.....great pics...feel I am there enjoying the beach, harbour, food etc.

  10. Linley. It is so good to hear from you. Do you still have a blog? Start one here. I really enjoyed your last blog. Come back.

  11. Brian. Don't toy with the idea just do it! Our dollar is very low, you will have heaps to spend. Look us up if you come to Brisbane.

  12. Diane, you must be very proud of Sonya. What a talented young lady!

    I agree with Brian. All of those pictures of the food are fantastic. Good photography.

  13. It all looks so lovey and so like home, but I must admit I have always wanted to see the opera house, maybe I will sometime.

  14. Hi Diane, I love traveling with you through your photos. Sonya is a beautiful and very talented young lady. Enjoyed the people photos as well as all those lovely scenic ones. I almost ended up in Manly once you know. I had several friends who emigrated there years ago and was about to follow but then I met Gregg and moved to America instead :) With all our moving around I lost touch with my friends and they probably married and changed their names long ago.