Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sydney to Brisbane PART FIVE (Harrington)

Still Monday 23 March.

We headed north out of the rat race of Sydney roads and found the Pacific Highway that takes us along the coast towards Brisbane.

First stop was Harrington, where the Manning River enters the sea.

I just love walking along break water walls. BB didn't want to come so I set off by myself for an interesting time.

This is fun and a beautiful view of the river on one side and the ocean on the other.

No oysters left, someone got here before me.
Now what's this? A barricade to stop you going any further. No way I'm getting to the end.. I climb over but after a while the going gets rough and the rocks are unstable. Not wanting to fall and break an ankle and be left lying here forever I had better turn back. (wimp)

But first a shot of the view from the wall. Then I continue back along the wall for a bit when I think I could find a shorter way back to the tourist park where we have a cabin. So I jump off the wall and head around the lagoon in the opposite direction to that which I took coming out....big mistake.

At first it was sand, then mud and then mangrove swamp, so I head away from the lagoon into this long grass which I squashed down onto the mud so I didn't sink.

Finally as the sun was setting, I found solid ground and a path which led me back to camp (with filthy white shoes) Ah but it was an adventure and fun.

Tuesday 24 March.

We only have a short distance to drive to our next stop so we spend some time checking out the little fishing village of Crowdy Head.

We drive up towards the lighthouse which is on a headland jutting out into the sea. There are beautiful bays and beaches on both sides as well as a little fishing boat harbour.

Looking to the left.

BB the videographer. His videos will be on his blog soon.

Looking to the right.

I love the big blue sky. (Hope it makes you want to come home, Carol)

Looking down from the lighthouse.

Then we drove down to the boats and onto our next stop at Nambucca Heads.

The Pacific highway is being upgraded. We came across loads of roadworks but we weren't in a hurry and it didn't matter. It was good to see so many people had jobs.


  1. Diane, What a great trip away. I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing parts of Australia I have yet to visit. Maybe one day! Looking forward to catching up with you next term.

  2. Hello Diane, Sounds like you had a good time, just like the children getting yourself muddy feet. Wonder did it bring back memories :) Glad you got back saftely before it was too dark to find your way.

  3. I wished I would have been with you, it looks so beautiful !

  4. I have done that trip twice, once in 1967 driving a mini cooper S from Cairns, was in a hurry to get back so remember nothing of the coastline too busy listening to the snarl of the motor...ha ha and once last year to Kempsey and back delivering a horse somewhere and was in the dark and all I saw was the moon glinting off the rivers of northern NSW....quite a nightmare trip. Your travelling this way makes me determined to have a slow explore of the area and I will try and stay out of the mud!!

    lizzie b.

    Love the visual experience of your jaunts....

  5. Aha, wimp = smart. Wimps live longer.

    Love your photos as always, they really capture the beauty of the places you go.

  6. Gday Dianne, Beautiful scenery along the coast, pleased you were able to find your way out before dark..and barriers are put their to keep you safe,,

  7. G'day,
    Nice photo's, I've been to Harrington and Crowdy Head, nice spot.
    I bet you will wear boots next time you explore the mangroves.

  8. Hi Diane, you had quite a bit an adventure there but luckily found your way back. It is very nice to have a walk along the sea with the fresh sea air. You are having a lovely journey with lots to see and take pictures. It is such a picturesque area. It is a good thing to take it easy with some stops in between when driving so far. It is like part of the holiday this way.