Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sydney to Brisbane PART SIX (Nambucca Heads)

Still Tuesday 24 March.

After a few hours drive we arrived at Nambucca heads. We were a bit too early to book into our cabin so we went exploring.

Firstly we walked along the edge of the river.
It is a very pretty place.
Then we drove up to the Rotary Lookout. The view of the Nambucca River lazily entering the sea was delightful.
We drove a little higher to the Captain Cook Lookout and the view was even more stunning. To the north the beaches stretched forever.
To the south ....what's that I see.... another break water wall to walk along.
We drove down to Shelly Beach. It was peaceful with very few people. (looking south)
Looking north.
The gulls weren't shy.
A boat navigates the rocky beach.
There is that man again with the video camera.
He is trying to capture the restless water.
Walking around the rock pools, I was fascinated with the life .......
....and the colours under the water.
I wonder if a wave will wash over him.
I found why it is called Shelly Beach.

Then we followed the signs to the Holiday Park and moved into our new cabin. It was the best yet with two bedrooms, modern kitchen, big flat screen TV and a roomy bathroom. (I forgot to take pics of it) but we intend to return.

It is only a short walk from the cabin over the sand dune to the beach.....

... but watch where you walk.

The empty beach rolls out in front of you, it is exhilarating.

We walk up to a rocky outcrop and I sit and watch the waves....

....wishing that I didn't have to go home tomorrow .

On the way back I am intrigued with the crab holes that have a little road up to the hole.

As it was our last night on the road and we had run out of food to cook for dinner, we went to the a club to eat.

I talked BB into walking a little way down the wall before dinner. This wall was decorated by visitors. Each family or group are allowed to paint one rock and add captions. It is quite an entertaining walk.

Now I know who ate the oysters from the wall in the last post.

The meal wasn't anything to get excited about, except that it was cheap, but we certainly had a top view from our table.


  1. Lovely photos once again from you Diane. Nice place and have also been there few years ago.

  2. what a lovely place to visit. your photos are most interesting. Fran

  3. Lovely photos once again of your trip ..beautiful scenery
    You can have my share of oysters yuk if you find any on your way home...
    Did you write on the wall?

  4. Beautiful, and that cabin sounds divine. I can hardly wait to see pictures next time you go there.

    BB sitting with that camera on the rocks reminds me of my grandfather. He is dressed for vacation like my grandfather always dressed, and always with our cheap little camera taking pictures. Back then we did not have wonderful digital, and the video was rather sad then. He would have had a ball with the digital age for sure.

    You both remind me of their love so much. I don't believe it was any accident I met you and BB in cyberworld. Perhaps it was God's way of healing my heart a bit by reminding me how happy they must be together now in Heaven.

  5. This is another great post, that beach is lovely, lots of interesting things on it and such pretty shells! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great pictures again - brings back memories.

  7. Great insight again Diane..It`s like we are taking the trip with you...I love the sound of the sea..I could sit there for hours and dream away...
    Thanks for sharing your adventures with us...

  8. Great photos, and looks like a lot of fun! Beaches are about my favorite sort of place, but sadly, I almost never get to see one, since I live squarely in the middle of a continent.

  9. Ok, that does it, this is now my list of places to visit. Looks fantastic.